“Dream catchers” overcome adversity to inspire others


“Don’t follow your dreams, chase ’em.”

Up and coming music artist LoveChild and United States Women’s Handball Team member Lisa Dunn continue to be an inspiration.

Who are they?

LoveChild is a rising R&B singer, songwriter and producer from Cleveland. He has recorded over 200 songs, while aiding in the production of many more as well. Coming from very humble beginnings, he is “grateful for the simple opportunity to be able to touch the world” with his music and hopes to one day expand his brand to a much larger audience.

Lisa Dunn is a member of the U.S. Women’s Handball Team. She is originally from Dieburg, Germany, traveling to the U.S. to fulfill her dreams of becoming a world-class athlete.

Overcoming Adversity

LoveChild is no stranger to adversity. He believes that, “Adversity is inevitable. Success wouldn’t be as sweet if everything came about easily.” Over the years, he has knocked on plenty doors receiving very little answers, yet he continues to persevere as he is sure that his hard work will pay off in the end. He has experienced hardships that would normally discourage someone, but instead, he uses every experience as a lyrical inspiration.

LoveChild in the music studio. Photo by Rachel Lewis
LoveChild in the music studio. Photo by Rachel Lewis

While attempting to qualify for the 2012 Olympics, one of Dunn’s teammates was severely injured, hurting both the team’s morale and chances of winning. The team has used this as a reason to become even stronger and more prepared for what is coming their way in 2016. They have also had quite a bit of financial adversity, having very little funds to allow them to achieve all of the successes that they are chasing. They have created a donation website, allowing the public to help them get to Rio.


LoveChild has had a love for music his entire life. “I don’t even consider it work; it’s my passion,” he says. Being a father of three beautiful children, he plans to show them that “anything is possible and when you refuse to give up, you can and will do whatever you have set your mind to do.”

Growing up, many people dream about one day making it onto the worldwide stage and being able to represent their country as they play a sport that they so dearly love. It takes hard work and dedication, leaving most people to relinquish this dream. For Dunn, the drive continues and nothing can get in the way of her going for the gold. She says that nothing can stop her from winning a gold medal.

Future Plans

LoveChild plans on continuing his music. He is hoping to hold a showcase in the next few months where he will invite music label officials and fans to see his hard work live in action. He hopes to make this event such a huge success that a door is finally swung open for him, allowing him to finally live out his dream.

Dunn and her teammates are busy training and preparing for their upcoming road to Rio. They will be competing in the Pan-American games next summer, where they hope to qualify to compete in the actual Olympic Games in 2016. She has no doubt in her mind that they will make it to the top.


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