Georgia State gaming company releases first video game


A brand-new independent video game company called Spray N’ Pray Studios is working on developing its very first video game.

The game, called “Event Horizon: Immolation,” is one filled with the action of a standard first person shooter combined with the narrative elements found within common role-playing games.

Spray N’ Pray Studios President and creator of “Event Horizon: Immolation” Kynton Stephens said, “Event Horizon: Immolation is our take on the future where we think humanity is going as a species and what our overall effect will be on the galaxy as a whole. It tells the story of Colonel Ross, who is a human military commander on the human race’s outermost colony and the player has to assume the role of that character, collaborate with other ally characters, and associate with enemy characters, and shape that story.”

There are four classes that the player can choose to be when deciding their role on missions. They are the unstoppable soldier Ranger class, the telepathic Esper class, the technical Operator class, or the commanding Crusader class. Using these classes, the game can take any number of paths.

“It can play out several ways. It’s kind of like the Mass Effect and Skyrim type model but without a good/bad dichotomy,” Stephens said. “Much more like real life, everything functions on shades of gray and whether or not your actions were acceptable or not are based on whether or not they were successful.”

Spray N’ Pray Studios created a Kickstarter page to help fund the project. As of Sept. 30, the goal of $35,000 was not reached, but 50 backers contributed a total of $1,348 toward the development. They also have a loose partnership with Microsoft Studios, which assists the new company with logistics and marketing, and helps connect them to people and software to help it further its project. The Kickstarter is no longer accepting donations.

Spray N’ Pray Studios is an Atlanta-based gaming company founded by students at Georgia State University in June 2012.. Their goal is to take creative freedom and provide independent games with an immersive storyline and amazing gameplay that rivals AAA titles provided by larger gaming companies. The development team is comprised of writers, modelers, programmers, concept artists, and a composer. They also have voice actors, but they are not part of the development team.

Matthew Dinoff getting ready to record some lines for his part, Lieutenant Ratch, in the game “Event Horizon: Immolation.” Photo by Alex Scott.
Matthew Dinoff getting ready to record some lines for his part, Lieutenant Ratch, in the game “Event Horizon: Immolation.” Photo by Alex Scott.

Matthew Dinoff is the voice of Lieutenant Ratch in “Event Horizon: Immolation.” He is one of many voice actors working each week with the development team. Voice acting, along with programming and concept design, are some of the crucial steps of creating a game like Spray N’ Pray Studios is doing.

“I found out about the audition literally two days before the audition was,” Dinoff said.

The game will be split into three episodes, with the first one scheduled release in February 2015.

For now, the game is primarily single-player, but will soon follow with multiplayer as the first downloadable content if it is not already programmed into the game. The second and third installments are expected be released in a more timely manner.

The game will be released for the Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC platforms.


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