KSU education majors able to gain essential experience


Finding a job after college is becoming increasingly harder for graduates. The number of students majoring in education is growing at Kennesaw State University, yet they are one of the groups having the least luck finding jobs. Today, more than just a degree is needed when going out into the workforce as experience is essential.

Primrose School of Wade Green is located five minutes from KSU and is hiring education majors starting Oct. 6. A new school year has recently started and the community around them is growing rapidly. As their attendance rate continues to rise, Primrose is looking for qualified education graduates to employ.

Primrose offers an ideal opportunity for KSU students to receive paid hands-on teaching experience. Whether they start as teaching assistants in a specific room, or as a “floater” helping in all of the classrooms, KSU students are benefiting.

Experience gained at Primrose is an advantage to those looking for a job in a school system. Primrose has a year-round curriculum made by their corporate office, which is adhered to by every sanctioned school. Their accreditations top any other private preschool.

One of their accreditations is AdvancED. KSU, as well as most schools in Georgia, is also AdvancED accredited so practice with the curriculum is great experience for resume building.

“The learning experience and job possibilities gained from Primrose are endless. Some employees use Primrose as a great addition to their resume, while others stay for the rest of their career,” says Kelly Dougherty, assistant director and KSU graduate. “I have worked at Primrose School of Wade Green for 10 years. I started as an assistant teacher in college and moved my way up.”

Dougherty spoke about past employees that graduated from KSU, gained experience at Primrose, and have now moved on to successful careers in public or private school systems.

One of the past Primrose employees is Asha Smith.

Asha Smith graduated from KSU two years ago. Unable to find a teaching job in the school system, she applied at Primrose where she was hired as lead Private Preschool teacher for the fall of 2012. While working at Primrose, she was still looking for a job in the school system before finally landing her dream job as a kindergarten teacher at a local elementary school.

“Having the experience at Primrose is what put me ahead of the rest when interviewing for the teaching job,” says Smith. “I was in charge of a classroom and learning curriculum similar to what I would be teaching.”

There are currently three employees at Primrose that attend KSU or have graduated from KSU. One of the college’s alumnae is franchise owner, Michelle Rath. The other graduate is Kelly Dougherty, the assistant director. Current student Meredith Benedict, is their early preschool assistant teacher.

(From left to right) Kelly Dougherty, Asha Smith, Meredith Benedict and Michelle Rath KSU graduates pose outside of their Primrose location. Photo by Kyleigh Strid.
(From left to right) Kelly Dougherty, Asha Smith, Meredith Benedict and Michelle Rath KSU graduates pose outside of their Primrose location. Photo by Kyleigh Strid.

The interview process is stress-free for qualified applicants. Those seeking the job have the choice of filling out an application in house or online. Once applications are reviewed, the employer will offer eligible applicants an interview. The interview process includes three steps: the first interview with the assistant director, the second interview with the director, and finally a working interview.

A passion for teaching children and a drive to experience educational instruction makes Primrose a great place to begin a career. The staff is very welcoming and wants every teacher to succeed.


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