KSU group sport debate: intramural or club?


Intramural sports or club sports? This is a question hundreds of students ask themselves when attending Kennesaw State. The great debate between which extracurricular activity is more popular and appealing continues on.

KSU has the second largest student body enrollment in the state of Georgia with over 200 active student organizations. A large number of those students participate in extracurricular athletic activities.

As students receive information on both club sports and intramural sports,  they are left with a very important decision – to join an organized club or to play in a more relaxed intramural league? This internal and personal debate then continues on as students then try to figure out which sport to play.

The intramural program at KSU is considered by most people to be “under construction” as it transitions to a new director of the program, Derek Doss. This however does not seem to worry people, and the program is receiving positive feedback from the students.

The intramural program runs each semester with many different sports to participate in. A variety of sports are offered each semester.

Chad Roughton, program assistant, doesn’t believe it is all that hard to run such a thriving program.

“It is pretty simple to deal with the many different sports offered within one phase, especially with the technology of IMLeagues and the staff size,” Roughton said.

IMLeagues is the main collegiate website that is run nationwide to help intramural programs job a lot easier. It is where all announcements and emails sent out from the head director are located. It is also where you sign up to play a sport and it can keep track of your team’s progress and standings within your sport.

“Without IMLeagues it would be very difficult to keep up with everything going on within the program. We call the website the brain of the program, if the brain stops working then it’s hard for everything else to function,” Roughton said.

KSU sporting facilities are located at the KSU Owls Nest and The Perch, where Michael Thomas is manager. Thomas deals with both club and intramural sport programs and gets to see first-hand how each program thrives.

“As far as the popularity between the two programs goes, I would say it really depends on the sport,” said Thomas. “The bigger sports within each program bring in the biggest participation along with the most spectators.”

Club sports are more student-oriented, meaning solely the students playing that particular sport run them. With the only bit of supervision really being from the director who just has to check off that everyone has completed his or her participation and injury forms, you could say you have most freedom within a club sport.

What it all comes down to is which program appeals the most to the particular student. With both programs offering many different sports to play, the decision lies on the differences.

With a club sport, there is more freedom but also expensive as you have to account for personal financial obligations. These dues go toward travel to compete against other schools and entry fees.

Intramural sports are run by an organization with a controlled environment. The program provides less freedom but is inexpensive, as the student only has to put down a deposit for the sport. The deposit is refundable as long as the team never forfeits a game.

Both programs bring excitement and national attention as the club baseball team won a national championship a couple years ago and the intramural flag football team has won the national championship the past two years.

Each program is equally as fulfilling and exciting to play. Being involved is the key gain in this debate. As long as the students are getting out and playing, the potential posibilities are endless.


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