Kennesaw business booms as KSU grows in numbers


If you have attended Kennesaw State University during the past 15 years, then you have more than likely made a significant economic impact on Kennesaw businesses. Members of the Kennesaw Business Association are reporting increases in revenue that relate to the growth of the Kennesaw State community.

Between the years 1999 and 2012, the population of KSU has increased by nearly eleven thousand students. The University System of Georgia reports that during those years, Kennesaw State University’s economic impact on local businesses has increased from 175 million dollars in 1999 to 926 million dollars in 2012.

“In general, I think we’re doing pretty well,” said Kennesaw Mayor Mark Mathews. He says business in Kennesaw is recovering from the recession.

“I think what survived the recession of businesses, are coming back, better and stronger,” he said.

Mayor Mathews says that KSU is a major contributor to the survival of the recession.

Loud Security is one of many companies which have recovered from the recession and is benefiting from the growth of KSU.

Loud Security founder and President John Loud says that KSU’s community size can offer much to the current and newly developed businesses in the Kennesaw area.

“With the new student population, the faculty population, then there becomes the demand for products and services,” he said.

Loud explains that the population of KSU is large and diverse. He says this will draw in new businesses and possibly affect how some current industries appeal to the market of Kennesaw.

Loud also says that the new demand will most directly impact industries such as construction, housing, and food. However, he mentions that it is unlikely that an industry would be affected in any negative way.

“I can’t think of any establishment that would be rushed away by a growing university,” said Loud.

Not many have been rushed away, if anything more businesses are now attracted to Kennesaw. Many people do not expect Kennesaw to become a college town such as Athens or Statesboro, but they believe that KSU is one of the top factors for the new success of business in Kennesaw.

The impact of the KSU community has become significant and business trends are expected to continue, especially following the merge of Kennesaw State and Southern Polytechnic State University.

John Loud and other members of the Kennesaw Business Association have begun preparing for next year’s merger, where an additional six thousand students are expected to join the KSU community and make an even stronger economic impact.


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