New artists flock to Atlanta to make debut


Atlanta has long been recognized for the arts and culture. Hundreds of artists flock to “the A” for the chance to make a name for themselves and have their art heard.

A promoter with an affinity for Atlanta is helping these artists’ voices be heard while expanding his influence in the music world.

It’s hard to be heard as an artist, but the production company Savage Family is helping. The Savage Family production is led by Micxsic.

“Micxsic was ranked in the top 25 promoters and hosts in the All Three Coast Music Festival,” said Todd Dobbs, Micxsic’s assistant at Savage Family productions. “There were huge artists there like Scarface, Eight Ball and Kid Kapri.”

Micxsic doesn’t just do big festivals. He has a special event in Atlanta called The Bar Exam. It is a competition where local artists show off their skills.  The only catch is you either win over the crowd and therefore pass the bar, or you lose the crowd by lack of cheer and have to pass the mic.

“We do a Bar Exam probably between two to three times a month,” said Dobbs. “In October, we had one the ninth and one on the 24th.  We saw tons of artists that can really go somewhere even if it’s only locally.”

As of now, the next Bar Exam will be tentative but audiences can expect one in November.

Savage Family will be promoting its found artists from Atlanta and other music capitals at this year’s South by Southeast Music festival this upcoming March.

“At the festivals, we are going to definitely try to get some of that ATL sound out there. We are also launching a new app called Waveguide,” said Micxsic. “It’s all about the music.”

Waveguide is an app that has yet to be created but is getting serious traction. The idea is that the app would let you follow your favorite unknown artists.  People like Todd Dobbs and Micxsic will use this app to spread the independent music scene and get new artists in a public light.

“I’m not from here, I’m from everywhere, but Atlanta is where it’s at for the new sound. My heart is in the ATL,” said Micxsic.


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