Must Ministries helps homeless, unemployed get back on their feet


Local non-profit charity Must Ministries is continuing efforts, with help from volunteers and other organizations, to help the Atlanta area homeless and unemployed find jobs and get back on their feet.

At Must Ministries in Kennesaw, scores of people come yearly to receive aid. Other organizations such as schools, churches, and local businesses are pitching in to help meet the growing demand.

Everything from food to job training is provided to ensure those individuals seeking help from Must Ministries receive comprehensive care; care that for many is a chance for a new start.

“There is a misconception that everyone Must Ministries helps is homeless,” said Kaye Cagle, Must Ministries public relations director. “We do help the homeless, but also help those who are simply unemployed. We helped about 35 hundred people without employment last year alone.”

Individuals who come to Must Ministries have different needs. Some need clothing and job training while others are not old enough to work. Last year, 1,900 children came to Must Ministries for help.

“We provide what we call wrap around service to the different people we help. It concentrates on food, employment, clothing, and shelter,” said Cagle. “We also provide job training and certifications like Serve Safe and Osha training.”

For many who are between jobs, these certification and job placement services can be crucial in returning to the job force.

“I recently moved to Atlanta from New Mexico and didn’t have a job,” said Aaron Macias, newly relocated Kennesaw resident. “I found out about Must Ministries pretty quick through billboards and then found out that they helped people find jobs.”

Other organizations are helping with Must Ministries in its efforts, most significantly with food and clothing donations, but also volunteer time. Harrison High School is one of the organizations that has become heavily involved.

“In the Spanish club, we donated sandwiches to Must,” said Melissa Garwick, former student volunteer and organizer for Must Ministries deliveries. “Each month, we collected donations of bread, meat, and toppings. The student volunteers would assemble sandwiches, and then deliver them to Must Ministries.”

Must Ministries continues the fight to help those in need, but are always in need of volunteers and supplies. For information, visit


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