Our Pal’s Place impacts community


Volunteer at Our Pal's Place, Olivia Mascali, spends her time walking some of the dogs at Kennesaw Mountain. (photo by: Allison Hammond)
Olivia Mascali (volunteer at Our Pal’s Place) walking a dog at Kennesaw Mountain. Photo by Allison Hammond.

These types of animal shelters and the volunteers, who work with them, make a huge impact in saving innocent animals lives. The volunteers have a huge heart for animals and slowly they are making a difference.

Gigi Graves, director of Our Pal’s Place Adoption Facility and Education Center, shared the background and facts behind the facility and what makes it so important.

The Background of Our Pal’s Place

Our Pal’s Place mission and purpose is to simply create an environment where animals can be treated with kindness and compassion. This is made possible through using solutions to end the problems animals are facing today. Our Pal’s Place is a volunteer-based organization with no paid staff.  All donations go directly to the housing and care giving of the animals.

“We make it our priority and mission to help these animals in any way possible,” said Graves. “We want to educate the public as well and share with them the importance of volunteering and adopting an animal.”

Our Pal’s Place has a unique quality to the animals they take in. The animals have all been in the shelters long enough to make it to the “kill list”, which just means they are next in line to be put to sleep. They go in and get them before this happens and bring them to the shelter’s little house on the hill, to give them a chance at a life as a companion that they were made to be.

“The fact that Our Pal’s Place gives these animals a second chance and the opportunity to be loved on like they should be is really what stood out to me and made me want to volunteer here,” said Olivia Mascali, volunteer at Our Pal’s Place.

What Our Pal’s Place offers

Our Pal’s Place offers several types of programs to benefit the animals as well as get the community involved. “We offer several different opportunities for the community to get involved with us as well as programs to directly help the animal,” said Graves.

The shelter provides a pet adoption facility and safe housing for the rescued animals until they are adopted. A learning center is also provided to offer innovative and interesting programs that teach various solutions to the public, to end the problems animals are having.

“Our learning center is my favorite because I love to be able to see more people want to learn ways to help and get involved directly,” said Graves.

Training services are also offered to adopting families as well as the general public. With these services, the animals become more comfortable, understanding and well behaved. There are several events and fundraisers held throughout the year in order to raise money for the facility. The Shelter also works with other animal rescue organizations, such as the Atlanta Humane Society, for the right treatment of all animals.

Why You Should Adopt

It is so easy to say “I want a puppy that I can train” or “I only want a pure bred dog and you don’t get them from a shelter.” People don’t understand that when they are purchasing their animals from a breeder, those animals are typically inbred and can have serious health risks. Each and every animal that is purchased from a breeder is a spot in a home taken from an animal in a shelter that will now be put to sleep.

“I could sit here and go on and on and on with facts and figures but nobody wants to hear them. They are boring and depressing. It is so much easier to ignore the problem because it seems too big to fix, but that is wrong. You have the power to make a huge change. Adopt your pets,” said Mascali.

The pros of adopting an animal far outweigh the cons. Overall, you will be saving the life of an innocent animal. There is a right home for every single dog and cat, and too many are being put to sleep before they get the chance to make it there.

Why Volunteering is Important

These animals genuinely just need someone to take care of them because they are helpless on their own. The volunteers at Our Pal’s Place are people those animals rely on to protect and help them. Volunteering is a way to make a difference to these animals and know you are helping a good cause.

“Our Pal’s Place uses a team approach in every aspect of our organization. The team approach allows us to accommodate volunteers’ preferences and personal schedules, while ensuring our dog and cat residents are well-cared for,” said Mascali.

There are several different opportunities and ways to get involved at Our Pal’s Place. If you are interested in joining the team and helping these pets, fill out the Volunteer Form on Our Pal’s Place website. 


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