Adam Bomb is ‘the Bomb’ on Nightly Radio Show


Adam Bomb during an interview with OneRepublic's Ryan Tedder. Photo by Kelsey Schuler.
Adam Bomb during an interview with OneRepublic’s Ryan Tedder. Photo by Kelsey Schuler.

Every weeknight, Adam Bomb hosts a radio show that is broadcast to more than 70 cities across the United States. He has interviewed hundreds of music’s biggest pop artists including Taylor Swift, One Direction, Nicki Minaj, Ed Sheeran and more.

“It doesn’t even feel like work most days,” Bomb said. “I mean, would you call this work?”

Humble Beginnings

Born in Pennsylvania, Adam Bomb, a creative stage name, hasn’t always lived the star-studded life he does now. He has, however, always been an avid runner, a hobby which helped him land his radio career.

“I always used to listen to my little radio that I would use when I went running,” he said, “but instead of switching stations to find music I would look for the DJs talking. I would listen to them talk and think ‘I could do that.’ And I did.”

He attended California University of Pennsylvania where he earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Radio and Television Broadcasting. While in college, he continued running for the school’s track and field and cross country teams. He was also a member of the Alpha Chi Rho fraternity.

The Beginning of an Era

While still in college, Bomb started working at the college radio station. He then got his first on air job at B94 Pittsburgh.

“I went on the college station for about four-to-five months and put an air check together,” he said. “Then I took it down to the top 40s stations in Pittsburgh and they ended up putting me on the air. It was crazy.”

Bomb stayed in Pittsburgh doing his local nights show for a little more than four years. Then he moved to Miami to host a morning show on Y100 Miami where he stayed for two years.

After leaving Miami, Bomb came to Atlanta where he started hosting the nighttime show on Q100, the largest Top 40s station in the Atlanta area.

Bomb quickly made a name for himself as an Atlanta entertainer. His quick wit and numerous prank segments enticed thousands to tune into his show each night. After staying in Atlanta for four years, he moved on to Dallas while still continuing his work on Q100 in Atlanta.

In Dallas, Bomb became the cohost of Perez Nights Live with Perez Hilton, an entertainment news blogger.

“I host a night show with Perez Hilton. Digest that for a bit,” he said.

While living in Dallas, Bomb met his wife Latricia. The two have a 1-year-old son named Aspen.

Home Sweet Home

In 2013, Bomb packed up his new wife and son and moved back to Atlanta where he began hosting his own nightly radio show, “Nights Live with Adam Bomb,” and he couldn’t be happier.

“Every day is different,” said Bomb. “Not one day is the same. It’s true! At a store you might bag groceries or whatever and every day is the same, but here nothing is the same. I love that.”

It’s not all fun and games, however. Although he gets to rub shoulders with the rich and famous, there are hard parts to being in the entertainment business.

“It’s a popularity contest. It is just a big popularity contest, it really is,” said Bomb. “Who are people going to listen to? Either you or the other guy. You just have to be entertaining enough to make people listen to you.”

Whatever Bomb is doing on the radio is working. With more than 12,000 Twitter followers and a huge following on Facebook, Instagram, and SnapChat, listeners are responding to Nights Live, and more listeners are tuning in every night.

“It’s hard because you always have to be ahead of the other guys, and there’s no real formula for this,” Bomb said. “You’ve just gotta do it and hope it works.”



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