Rob King enters 14th year at KSU


Most coaches are lucky to make a career out of coaching, let alone do it in the same place for over a decade. Kennesaw State University’s women’s soccer head coach Rob King has spent 13 years at KSU and is the only person to ever coach the program.

And with KSU growing at a rapid pace, King can’t help but stick around and be a part of it.

“It’s been a place that has developed since the day that I first got on campus,” King said. After coming to KSU in 2001, before the women’s soccer program started, King was put in a position similar to the new football team. The graduate of University of Alabama-Huntsville built the program from scratch.

Initially a NCAA Division II member, King led the Owls to an undefeated season and a Peach Belt Conference championship in the program’s first year in existence. From there the program took off, along with the university.

“You have to continue to look to see how to improve your program and keep pace with the university and keep pace with the different divisions that we moved through,” King said. “Those things are probably key in me wanting to stay here and build and develop the program.”

King attributed the challenge that came with building a new program and moving up levels of play in encouraging him to stick with the Owls. Once KSU stepped up to the Division I level in 2004, the team claimed three Atlantic Sun Conference championships along with a total record of 135-42-15.

“It’s been a place that you can grow with,” King said of KSU. “It has been a challenge and that’s important to me.”

Now after spending 13 seasons at KSU, King believes the growth of the soccer program will only continue. “There is a lot to build on here,” he said. “We are looking to establish ourselves as a dominant team in the conference and get back to the NCAA tournament and see how far we can go.”



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