Live Right, Live Long- Myth Busters


The urge for Americans to live a healthy lifestyle is growing more than ever and so is the abundance of available information. A nutritionist and fitness expert reveal the facts behind achieving a healthy lifestyle.

Tracy Herrington, Nutritionist. Photo by Daniellle Windom
Tracy Herrington, Nutritionist. Photo by Daniellle Windom

Nutritionist and life coach Tracy Herrington decided to take the extra step in finding the truth behind obtaining this healthy lifestyle.

After being certified in life coaching and nutrition, she started a blog to share some of the secrets and reveal the misconceptions behind health nutrition and how to begin a lasting lifestyle that will help individuals to live the right way and for a long time.

Healthy eating and proper nutrition are not all that it takes to live a healthy life; fitness is the other piece of the puzzle.

Exercise science major and avid fitness guru Garrett Stanley has devoted himself to improving his physical state and sharing his knowledge and experiences with those close to him. Stanley has uncovered many methods and processes behind maintaining a proper and consistent workout.

These experts understand the common misconceptions and myths that people often believe.

Secrets to Sugars

“We’re born to love sugar,” Herrington said.

There are special preferences in the human brain that appeal to that sweet taste of sugar. Regardless of how good it tastes, for years it has been debated how excessive sugar in an individual’s diet can impact cancer, heart disease, diabetes and weight gain. The facts behind this are that sugars do not directly cause these health issues; it is the obesity that ultimately impacts these diseases.

It has been a common fad to switch refined white sugars with more natural sugars to prevent becoming over-weight. Although this may appear to make perfect sense, it is a common misconception. The truth is, the type of sugar an individual is consuming is not what makes the difference, but instead it’s the amount.

Herrington recommends replacing refined sugars with things such as honey in order to gain a sweeter taste with a smaller amount of sugar intake. This small switch may allow an individual to obtain less sugar for that same sweet taste.

Calories- To Count or Not to Count

A lot of young people trying to lose weight try cutting calories by eating less.

Herrington says, “The reality is that not all calories are the same.”

Some calories such as foods with high carbs and highly processed foods notify our body to store fat instead of burning it.

She recommends going back in time before there were processed foods and focusing on these foods. Lean proteins, natural vegetables, fruits with natural fibers, a variety of vitamins and nutrients will keep you satisfied longer and allow your body to stay fueled on good calories instead of starving from eating a few bad calories.

Muscle Recovery

Garrett Stanley, Fitness Expert. Photo by Danielle Windom.
Garrett Stanley, Fitness Expert. Photo by Danielle Windom.

“I will admit, when I first began on my fitness journey I thought working out every day to my maximum ability is what would give me my desired results,” says Stanley.

However, he explains that this is a common myth among gym-goers. Muscle recovery is just as important as reps. Lifting weights tear down the muscle tissue and it is the time in between the lifts of the same muscle groups that rebuild the muscles making them stronger.

If an individual wants to focus on building stronger abdominal muscles, the key is not to work them every day but to have an adequate amount of rest time in between workouts. The recommended time for rest between workouts of one muscle group is 48 to 72 hours, giving the muscles enough time to rebuild.

Take Action!

Tracy Herrington and Garrett Stanley suggest getting educated is your best bet for achieving the healthy lifestyle you desire — the right way.

The first step in achieving your health goals is becoming educated. Herrington recommends visiting nutritionist Betsy Thurston to learn the science behind the foods you eat. Gaining a better understanding of the effects of what you put inside your body will help you to achieve your goals.

Stanley also recommends becoming educated before beginning a regular workout plan. Completing a fitness evaluation will help you to see where your body is and help you to set realistic, specific goals.

Using a fitness trainer such as one from the personal training facility called Rapid Results to complete this evaluation will also help to inform you of proper form during exercises to prevent injury.

Step two in taking action to achieve your desirable health is to make a game plan.

Once you have grasped a better understanding of the information behind the nutrition and fitness you desire, it is much easier to decide what and how you want to obtain your goals.

Stanley recommends using a goal sheet such as the “Fitness that Fits” template that is attached for your workout goals.

Herrington also suggests that meal prep can play a huge role in your success. Make a meal plan at the beginning of each week or whenever it is convenient for you. Having the ingredients and meals prepared in advance will make the temptations to eating less healthy options much easier to resist. Determine your meals in advance and write them down in a food diary.

Now that you are on the road to achieving your goals, the final step in your “Action Plan” is to acknowledge your results. Hard work deserves recognition.

Stanley explains that being able to see his own progression serves as the best motivator. Feeling proud of what you have already accomplished will only push you to achieve even more.


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