Atlanta, a musical monument


Whether locally or on a grander scale, Atlanta has come to host a haven of musical opportunities for all ages to enjoy. More and more people are getting involved in the local music scene as it continues to explode and expand through ways such as volunteering and creating easier opportunities for local artists to share their music.

Small venues have been sprouting all over the perimeter providing low key artists a sanctuary of exposure for their music. Atlanta has also come to host some of the nation’s largest and most expensive music festivals including Imagine, Counterpoint and TomorrowWorld.

These events offer people a chance to work for the festival in exchange for free admission, free camping and an amazing networking opportunity for those interested in the music industry.

Established Venues

Atlanta is home to some of the most popular high-end amphitheaters that well-known performers often play at, providing plenty of seating for large crowds.

The most well known include Lakewood Amphitheatre in Southeast Atlanta and Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre at Encore Park in Alpharetta. Each has hosted famous acts such as The Doobie Brothers, Dave Matthews and 311.

On a Smaller Scale

Playing oppositely, local venues such as Terminal West, Aisle 5, and New Earth breed local artists and provide a smaller, more intimate environment for them to expose their music. Local music artist Kolourz is a re-occurring act at Terminal West, with his upcoming show on Feb. 24. He has played at other spots such as Aisle 5 and New Earth, but appreciates Terminal West and its staff the most.

“They are like my family,” Koulourz said,  “It’s the people that work at Terminal West, they’re awesome.”

Terminal West, located on West Marietta Street in Atlanta, brags on its website about being, the home of friendly staff and unforgettable nights of music.

Koulourz confirms the claim saying, “I enjoy them, and it’s always a pleasant time.”

Aisle 5 is located on Euclid Avenue in Atlanta in the funky area of Little Five Points. Another venue, New Earth, is located on West Dougherty in Athens.

Getting Involved

Music festivals are great indirect sources of income for the cities hosting them in numerous ways. As people travel from all over the country for the festival, they end up spending money at local restaurants, staying in downtown hotels and overall providing a large amount of tourist traffic. All of these factors cause festival tickets to be on the more expensive side. Fortunately, there is an easier way to experience all of the fun by volunteering for the festival.

Sonbol Fatehi. Photo by Elizabeth Haden.
Sonbol Fatehi. Photo by Elizabeth Haden.

Sonbol Fatehi, experienced festival attendee and past volunteer, had a positive volunteer experience at Imagine Music Festival this past fall.

“I met plenty of people and it’s good for networking,” she said.

She also really enjoyed the perks that come with volunteering.

“You get exclusive access to areas that your friends don’t,” Fatehi said. “For me it definitely gave me a different view on going to shows.”

People might stray away from the idea of volunteering for many reasons. Some may feel that they would miss out on the actual festival experience, or that they would get assigned a job that wouldn’t suit them. Fatehi’s volunteer experience proves that those assumptions are really just suppositions.

“You get to choose what kind of shift that you would like and where you want to be placed that would be most suitable for your personality,” Fatehi said.

So, if you are planning on volunteering for your next music festival experience, the process is much more simple than you are probably expecting. It is actually as easy as going to the festivals website, choosing their volunteer option, and the online process walks you through the rest. Counterpoint, Atlanta’s upcoming festival happening May 22-24, 2015, already has its volunteering option available on its website,

Atlanta, an up and coming musical utopia, draws thousands of people each year for widely acclaimed music festivals and award winning performances at some of the nation’s finest amphitheaters. On a smaller scale, the city is also famous for its intimate venues known for catering to local artists. No matter who you are, Atlanta has an amazing variety of places and ways to listen to what you love.


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