Blue Ridge Mountain Recovery Center


Blue Ridge Mountain Recovery Center. Photo by Todd Stumbo.
Blue Ridge Mountain Recovery Center. Photo by Todd Stumbo.

Eight years ago, when she was just 18 years old, Amanda Bransby started her journey to recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.

“I used to be a slave to drugs and alcohol, I had lost choice,” Bransby said. “Today I live a life I never imagined living, a life of freedom and happiness. My hope is that I can give back to others what was so freely given to me.”

Today she acts as program manager at Blue Ridge Mountain Recovery Center, a residential treatment center in Ball Ground, Georgia that uses science-based medical and clinical steps to help clients who suffer from the disease of addiction. She leads in crisis intervention and client counseling, as well as works with patients’ families to help them better understand the process of recovery.

Bransby is just one member of a team of professionals at Blue Ridge Mountain Recovery Center who offer a solution to the deadly disease of addiction. With the number of substance use related deaths growing every day, Blue Ridge offers a unique residential treatment program to save the lives of their patients and help rebuild families who have been torn apart by addiction.

Located just 45 minutes north of Atlanta, patients receive a minimum of 35 days of treatment from doctors, nurses, counselors, and more. Patients participate in relapse prevention, private and group therapy sessions, and attend 12-step recovery meetings during their stay. In addition, Blue Ridge also provides recreational therapy that is facilitated by a certified professional trainer with a focus on anaerobic and aerobic activities such as walking, running, yoga, and basketball.

This approach teaches clients the skills they need to achieve sobriety and maintain a healthy lifestyle upon finishing their treatment. Clinical Director Todd Stumbo states that the center boasts graduation rates upward of 85 percent whereas most intensive residential facilities in the United States have graduation rates around 55 percent.

“We utilize empathy, understanding, and compassion to soften the sometimes harden hearts and minds of some of our clients and their families in hopes to make them hungry for a new life and a new purpose,” Stumbo said.

More and more people are becoming addicted to drugs and alcohol and few of them have the ability to quit using on their own. Residential treatment offers people a safe place to stabilize physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, Stumbo said.

“We believe that when given the right chance in the right atmosphere people can and do recover from this tragic disease. Blue Ridge is that right chance and that right atmosphere,” Stumbo said.

Whether you are struggling to control your substance use or someone you love is suffering from the disease of the addiction, there is a solution to your problem. Bransby’s success story is just one example of the ways recovery treatment can recreate a person’s life. Working for Blue Ridge Mountain Recovery Center has given her life a new purpose and an opportunity to provide that for others.

“’Our clients walk in our door lost and broken. I am beyond blessed to watch people find themselves again,” Bransby said. “There is something so beautiful about seeing someone find hope, learn to love themselves again, and no longer need drugs or alcohol to fulfill them.”


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