Corporate Team Building with Zombies


The zombie trend has reached the business world and now is a team building exercise.

Have you ever thought that being trapped in a room with a zombie would be the best way to find out how a team works together?  Major companies have caught on to this new team building exercise and now the public has caught on.

Alicia Landrum. Photo by Jordan Sims.
Alicia Landrum. Photo by Jordan Sims.

“You can really see team dynamics and the way that people function…” Alicia Landrum said talking about how the room escape is great for team building.

Team building activities have been around for some time now and companies are starting to get creative with how they do them, rather than the usual in the office activities. “Trapped in a Room with a Zombie” is an exercise produced by Room Escape Adventures and it has caught onto this trend. Now with 19 locations, three of those outside the country, it has really capitalized with this new look on team building.

Landrum, one of the producers of the show, said companies like Google, State Farm, and other major companies have experienced it and it has really helped them.

“It depends on how clever you are, if you can outsmart the zombie,” Landrum said talking about the zombie room experience.

The premise of the show is that you’re trapped in the room with a zombie and you have to try and get out using team building skills. So a corporate team of around 12 will go in a room and try to escape. Once a team gets out, a manager can look over the footage and see who is a leader in the group, who works better with others, and who needs improvement.

Landrum was a former “walker” on “The Walking Dead” for seasons four and five.

DeAndre Newell. Photo by Jordan Sims.
DeAndre Newell. Photo by Jordan Sims.

DeAndre Newell, a student at Kennesaw State University has followed this zombie trend since “The Walking Dead” was a comic book. He hasn’t been to the show yet because it caters more to larger groups, although he did have a lot to say about the zombie trend.

“The zombie trend has been progressing greatly ever since ’The Walking Dead’ came out, and the fact that this show is in Atlanta make it even more special and unique because a popular show that has zombies throughout is filmed here,” Newell said.

“The Walking Dead” is a dramatic television series on the AMC channel that is filmed in Atlanta.

The Zombie room escape is an activity that can increase team building.  With multiple locations and new show themes coming out, it’s easy to think that this will be around for the long run. To get more information about the show, locations, and tickets, you can go to the website


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