iPhone 6, Apple’s best-selling product


The iPhone 6 is the best-selling product for Apple so far and iPhones continue to be Apple’s main source of revenue.

We are all familiar with the iPhone 6 and the latest rave it has caused about its size and new features. How successful has the latest iPhone been and what new products do Apple fans have to look forward to?

“Numbers wise I believe it’s [the iPhone 6] the best-selling one so far in terms of pre-orders and sales within the first week and it’s still the biggest revenue stream [for Apple],” OwlTec employee Jacob Askren said.

Apple is constantly coming up with a new phone design and updating its software. It almost forces the consumer to purchase a new phone. One of the reasons consumers tend to choose the iPhone over competitors, such as Android, is because its software is created in a way that prevents it from contracting a virus. This provides the user with a stress-free environment to access any emails or Web page. The iPhone manages to stay virus free mainly because Apple restricts the device to the usage of apps specifically downloaded from its own iTunes store.

The majority of consumers buy the iPhone locked along with a service provider because it is marginally cheaper compared to buying it unlocked. Therefore people are buying into two-year contracts and eventually getting stuck with an outdated phone.

In fact, according to Best Buy Mobile Assistant Manager Mario Avila, “You can only purchase an unlocked phone through the Apple Store.”

Thankfully customers have the option of trading in their old phones to receive a discount off of a new phone. The old phones are then recycled and reused.

“Apple even works with companies such as Brightstar in order to recycle and reuse old phones,” Avila said.

As far as the inspiration for the iPhone 6, Apple went back to the drawing board and revisited the classic design from the iPhone 3 and added a curved screen.

“The design is pretty informed by earlier iPhones in terms of the aluminum back. One thing that is really unique this time is that the screen is curved into the phone. Android phones beforehand have done that so I would say some design inspiration from other phones,” Askren said.

Apple is not known for coming out with too many accessories outside of cases and various cords to go along with its products, however it does own stock with companies such as Otterbox, which sells cases, to benefit from its sales.

In fact, according to Askren, “Apple is kind of anti-accessory. They’ve done that for a long time.”

Apple lovers have something to look forward to with the upcoming launch of the Apple Watch in April. As far as its features and battery life, it might just run short of smart watches that are already available on the market. The main reason consumers would want to buy the Apple Watch is because it is going to be perfectly compatible with their iPhones and other Apple products, unlike other smart watches on the market. This watch is very bulky when it comes to style and is not very flattering as far as fashion is concerned, which might consumers to choose some of the more physically appealing smart watches out there.

Apple has earned its household name with generational landmarks starting with the iPod and now the iPhone. Apple will continue to test the boundaries of technology and push customers to expand their horizon with the upcoming Apple Watch. There is no telling what is in store for the future, but whatever it is, you can bet that Apple will be a part of it.


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