New Plan for ISIS Combat


Two retired military men in Kennesaw disagree with President Barrack Obama’s proposal for a U.S.-led war effort against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria that will authorize military force without deploying ground troops.

United States Air Force Colonel Mike Hogan retirement photo.
United States Air Force Colonel Mike Hogan retirement photo.

Retired Air Force Col. Mike Hogan and retired Marine Capt. Jess Guverman directly oppose the strategies for dealing with terrorism proposed by their commander in chief.

Hogan, with 30 years of active duty and who has seen combat in the Gulf Wars in which he led the Combat Logistics Support Squadron in the Desert Shield Campaign, said, “A ‘whack-a-mole’ military strategy alone will fail.”

He further said, “We seem all too willing to learn, time and time again, to address domestic or international issues as they become a crisis.”

Guyerman, who led his troops in the battle of Fallujah during the Iraq War, said, “Ground troops will eventually be necessary if we really want to destroy ISIS. I’m not sure why the president and his advisors think we can win without physically being there.”

The former coalition air strike strategy to disrupt and weaken ISIS has not prevented further ground movement of the terrorist group into the bordering country of Turkey.    Hogan said, “My real doubt lies with the president’s team of inexperienced and often clueless advisors who may not be passing the information he needs.  Regrettably, he has established a strong track record for misinformation, indecisiveness, and late piece-meal responses.  The presidents’ uncertainty in how to employ the tools at his disposal, in my opinion, is a reflection of his administration’s inability to seek out or trust the intelligence he is provided.”

Hogan never has been an advisor to the president, nor has he contacted the president to convey his opinions.

ISIS is a militant jihadist group that has dominated headlines since 2013.  The terrorist organization has been in existence since 2004, at which time they rebranded from al-Qaida.  ISIS has waged a deadly campaign based on the premise of ethnic cleansing and has been officially declared a terrorist group by the United Nations.  The White House will be authorizing military force that will not restrict combat solely to Iraq and Syria and will maintain the current airstrike campaign in an effort to dismantle the terrorist group.

“The common threads for terrorist ideology rely on threats, fear, physical and mental harm, intimidation, theft and other similar factors in succeeding.  Essentially, any group that ‘self-excuses’ itself from civil law or a moral code can justifiably be declared a terrorist group,” said Hogan.

“Any time violence is used to achieve an objective, it’s a form of terrorism,” said Guyerman. “When you brutalize your own people under the guise of religion, regardless of location, the world needs to pay attention and react collectively.”

Hogan said, “If, as a nation or international community, we fail to have the courage and will to apply the resources needed to eliminate and prevent development and resurgence of radical terrorist groups regardless of their coordinates on the earth in a more timely fashion, future generations will find it increasingly difficult to live in peaceful coexistence as nation states.  We must find the means to reduce human suffering and raise the standard of living around the globe.”


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