A Mother to International Students


International students who attend Kennesaw State University are growing rapidly year by year. International students look for a community and a person who they can turn to when they have problems in school or in their personal lives.

In room 255 of the Student Center building at KSU is the Global Village office, where the international students hang out during the day and even late at night.

The Global Village is home to the famous woman known as the “international mother.” She is the problem solver, but also the person that most international students turn too when they are need of a parental figure.

Catherine Odera, a Kenyan woman, works at the Global Village as the assistant director for International Students Retention Center.

She is the head over all events planned in the International Students Association. She is also responsible for helping international students acquire their visa for school.  She is more widely known as the international mother of all the international students.

“As you can see, it takes a while to earn the international students trust,” said Catherine Odera.

Bernard Morena, from the Ivory Coast, is a student athlete at KSU.

“She helped me out a lot. She was a shoulder to me,” he said.

Paola Callejas, a Honduran, has been at KSU for three years now.

“If I’m feeling bad, she will let me come and bawl my eyes out,” said Callejas.

The international mother is a huge influence on these students, but she hopes to see improvements made to the global village due to the lack of space and increase in demand.


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