Designer Consigner’s unique style of business


The business of consigning is growing as people are becoming more aware of the amazing bargains that they can find. There are many consignment stores in the Atlanta area that give people the opportunity to save money and make profit.

Designer Consigner is a consignment store located in Alpharetta. It is known for its abundance of designer clothes that are available for reasonable prices.

Some brands that can be found include Tory Burch, Michael Kors and Free People. The store is also known for its accessories, offering high-end handbags such as Louis Vuitton and Chanel, and also sunglasses such as Raybans.

“It’s exciting, it’s like you can change your wardrobe all the time, and it’s not very expensive,” Vicki Naso, owner of Designer Consigner said.

Some benefits of consigning include, receiving money in exchange for your designer clothes. This means that you can finally clean out your closet and get your money’s worth for what you bought.

“The employees make the place. One of the best parts is getting new stuff in, but also blending all the employees together and seeing how it works,” said Naso.

Susan Haden in front of Designer Consigner. Photo by Elizabeth Haden
Susan Haden in front of Designer Consigner.
Photo by Elizabeth Haden

Susan Haden has been working at the store for two years. She says that variety and cost are two major elements of the store’s appeal. Another benefit she adds is the uniqueness of their pieces.

“What you’re wearing, you don’t see on anyone else,” she said.

Good customer service results in making a good impression for the customer, ultimately giving them an enjoyable shopping experience. It is not only clothes that make the customer happy, the employees too.

“I love dealing with the customers,” Haden said.

Naso notes that another benefit of shopping at a consignment store is avoiding mall crowds, just like this one. You can find everything you need, so there’s no hassle of having to going to multiple stores.

If you’re shopping at a department store, you are wearing a piece of clothing that is part of a line, sold for months. If you’re shopping at Designer Consigner, you’re buying a unique style that no one else can copy.


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