Atlanta, a major player in the golf industry


The golf industry is starting to explode all over the country. But no other city is showing more growth in the industry than the Atlanta metro area.

Most people in the area know about the Masters at Augusta National, or the Tour Championship hosted here at East Lake. However, most people don’t know how much the sport of golf is helping the economy in Atlanta.

People think all the golf headquarters are based in areas like San Diego or Phoenix. But in the past 15 years, Atlanta has become very attractive to many golf companies all over the world.

Brands like Bridgestone, Mizuno, US Kids, and the retail Giant PGA Tour Superstore all call the city of Atlanta home.

Eric Meracle of US Kids golf. Photo by Eric Meracle
Eric Meracle of US Kids golf. Photo by Eric Meracle

US Kids President, Eric Meracle says calling Atlanta home is a no brainer. Meracle has been all over the country working for different golf companies. He says the perks here is what makes Atlanta very attractive for companies.

“A combination of a low cost of living, low property tax, a large international airport and a major sea port in Savannah it’s very logical for companies in any industry to be flocking to Atlanta,” he said.

Big corporations locating in Atlanta helps the big players in golf and also the small retailers as well. Jarred Turner has run his own golf shop for over 10 years. He says companies being in Atlanta have dropped his costs of product down and even given him a few perks of his own.

“Getting a single set of irons sent from San Diego costs on average 17 dollars in shipping,” Turner said. “Considering I sell over 200 sets a year that cost begins to get bigger as time goes on. Those costs for a small retailer like me force me to add to the price for a customer. But with a company being located in the metro area, I can pick up orders myself saving me literally thousands of dollars every year which helps customers save a few extra dollars.”

At the moment, there are no public announcements of any new golf companies relocating to Atlanta, but the secret is starting to get out.


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