Learn Golf with Greg Norman at Lake Point


A shark has been spotted in North Georgia. No, not a real one, but Greg Norman, former pro golfer, nicknamed “the shark.” Norman is opening a golf academy at Lake Point Sports Complex in Emerson.

Imagine a place where you can learn, practice, and live the game of golf. That type of place is coming to Northwest Georgia and former professional golfer, Greg Norman is the teacher.

The Greg Norman Champions Golf Academy will be opening a second location and it has chosen Northwest Georgia as the place to do it. Lake Point Sports Complex will be the venue for the new golf academy.

Lake Point Sports Complex Master Plan. Photo by Lake Point Sports
Lake Point Sports Complex Master Plan. Photo by Lake Point Sports

Lake Point Sports Complex is a multi-use facility in Emerson, Georgia.

The Facility sits on one thousand 400 acres of land and will eventually become venue for 40 different sports.

The new golf facility will include a full-service practice range, a nine-hole par three golf course, and Greg Norman Golf Academy certified instructors.

“We reserved the best piece of land available for the new golf facility,” said Michael Grade, Tournament and Events Coordinator. “There will be a clubhouse built and will anchor the facility which will be enjoyable for golfers and non golfers alike. The facility will have state of the art indoor and outdoor practice ranges. This is going to be a great place to learn how to golf or get better at this sport.”

Excitement for the new golf facility with Greg Norman could be felt from everyone who is a part of Lake Point.

“Lake Point is honored to have a legendary player like Greg Norman put his mark on this growing facility,” Judy Sparks of Lake Point Development said. “It is an honor to have his golf academy here and we look forward to the all of the visitors to this state of the art facility and golf course.”

The Lake Point Sports Complex is about 25 percent completed, with more fields, hotels, and shopping malls still on the way. It is quite a busy time for the area.

Lake Point Sports Complex opened in 2012 and is located just off Interstate 75, which is 35 minutes north of Atlanta.


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