How to make music


In the world today, people allow music influence them in different ways. Music can make people happy and music can make people sad, but more importantly music is a getaway for most.

A chat with Kevin Gumbo, musical engineer, Tunnel Vision Management and also one of the top in the industry revealed the process of making a hit song.

“People think that music is all about the people that get to perform them but they often forget about us little people that make that all possible,” he said.

The studio is where the music is actually created, just like the kitchen is where food is created. Hence the slogan, music is the soul’s food.

The new technology pro-tools is what people these days use to make music. These tools allow the artists, producers, and engineers one stop shop to record, edit and mix music and audio.

Mixing a song is the longest part of the song creating process.

Artist Zulu Faz says he plays such a small part in a huge process. He gets to do the fun part and come up with the new ideas for songs.

“The hardest part is all the business part of the things like figuring out the splits for writing credits and making sure publishing is OK,” said Faz. “It sometimes takes away from the fun part and the creative process but music is all about business so it has to be done whether we like it or not.”

As much as we love music we often forget that the music industry is a business. It also takes time for great things to happen just like in business as well. The creative process is the most interesting, but understanding the business behind it is important to learn and understand as well, especially for those who would like to be a part of the music industry.


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