National Communication Honor Society in KSU


There are many social and academic organizations at Kennesaw State University. Lambda Pi Eta is one of the smaller ones, but it has great potential.

Lambda Pi Eta is the National Communication Honor Society. The Alpha Theta chapter at Kennesaw State is one out of 344 active chapters worldwide.

The first chapter was founded at the University of Arkansas in 1985, and Kennesaw State’s chapter was founded in 1994. The name stems from Aristotle’s three ingredients of persuasion: logos — Lambda — meaning logic, pathos — Pi — relating to emotions, and ethos –Eta — relating credibility and ethics.

“This is a student-run organization, but I do supervise everything as the advisor,” said Dr. Heeman Kim, advisor of Lambda Pi Eta at KSU.

Doctor Kim says the student leadership team organizes all the events from fundraisers to the induction ceremony, but he really oversees important details such as the budget.

“This is the only communication honor society — all the other organizations are just clubs,” said Kim.

To join Lambda Pi Eta, students have to be a communication major with a three point five GPA for their communication classes and a three point two five cumulative GPA. They also have to have at least 60 credit hours.

Andrew West, the President of Lambda Pi Eta at KSU.
Andrew West, the President of Lambda Pi Eta at KSU.

“We have 35 members right now,” Andrew West, President of Lambda Pi Eta said. “We just inducted 29 new members.”

Lambda Pi Eta only conducts its induction ceremony during the spring semester, but if you are a winter graduate, you are still able to join and get your certificate, pin, and chord.

One of West’s most important duties as president is to email everyone on the leadership team, as well as the entire club, and keep them updated on what’s going on.

The leadership team consists of the president, secretary, vice president of academic affairs, vice president of strategic communication, and vice president of community outreach.

By next year, the organization hopes to attend the annual Communication Association conference in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Lambda Pi Eta will wrap up this school year with its April and May general body meetings in the KSU Social Science building.


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