River Ridge High School gets a new football coach


Tyler Wynn of Woodstock, Georgia has officially been chosen for the new head football coach position at River Ridge High School. Wynn has previously been an assistant football and baseball coach for six years, five being at River Ridge.

Tyler Wynn applied for the position of head football coach as soon as it was posted. There were more than 100 other applicants. Cherokee County School District approved Wynn for the job and made it official in early February.

“I loved my time as an assistant, but I’ve always wanted the opportunity to be a head coach. I think being in the building helped because I knew the kids and staff well,” Wynn said.

Most of Wynn’s monitoring and administrative duties will remain the same, but many are wondering how he plans to improve this year’s new football team. The River Ridge Knights only won three of the eleven games they played last season.

“We want to grow the athletes physically in the weight room, mentally in the classroom, and personally through character education,” he said.

Many of the students have known Wynn since he was assistant coach and fully support his new position as well. Such as Tom Lang who is a former player on the team. He is graduating in the spring.

“He has always been a good coach no matter what his position. I’m glad he has the opportunity to be the main one now,” Lang said. “Kind of makes me sad I’m graduating, I think they’ll definitely look like a totally new team.”

Spring practice has already started and the team is hitting the ground running.

“They’re working hard and excited, so that makes it worthwhile,” Wynn said. “I’m going to continue to push the athletes and strive for excellence. That’s the only way I know to coach.”

As the new season starts, it is still to be determined whether Wynn can step up the team’s game by fall.

The first game of the season is a home game against Pickens on August 14th. The best of luck to Tyler Wynn and the River Ridge Knights.


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