The future of newspaper industry


The printed newspaper has become a less popular choice as the times have changed. The technology revolution that this generation is experiencing is changing the way we consume information.

The sales of printed editions of the news have decreased. But the need for journalism will never go away. The only thing changing is how consumers experience it. News companies are now adapting to the needs of new technology driven generations.

“We have been forced to focus on the digital consumer first, then print product to go in-depth and explain the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of a story,” said Rickie Crotts, Sunday sports and business editor, Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

In the long run the quality of work produced has improved. Less is more. Migrating to a more digital news outlet was almost inevitable, because it had to be done to remain competitive. Journalists have experienced success in their businesses by doing so. That said, they have also had to make some cut backs in the news room.

Retired journalist and part-time professor James Mallory.
Retired journalist and part-time professor James Mallory

“We ended up cutting the staff in half in a five-year period,” James Mallory, Retired Journalist from the Atlanta Journal Constitution said.

The Atlanta Journal Constitution went from over 500 staffers to just under 225 in that time. Cutting back the staff of the news room was a necessary action in moving forward. But the changing platform is allowing the news to be received more quickly and efficiently. Retired journalist James Mallory said technology has helped.

“People should not see the struggle of newspapers as the death of journalism because people need to understand that it’s transitioning,” Mallory said.

The news organizations that will survive are the ones that figure out how to give people what they want, how they want it, and when they want it. The news is becoming involved on many websites and apps for the mobile crowd.

In this way, they are able to generate more income for their businesses to compensate for the loss in revenue due to fewer print ads. Newspapers are struggling, but the businesses that produce it will continue to adapt to the changing platforms.

The technology change is still a slow process when it comes to journalism. The growth of digital news has still not yet surpassed print, although it will most likely happen one day in the future.


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