Food truck takeover


KENNESAW, Ga.—Downtown Kennesaw, Georgia, is an area known for its annual summer Kennesaw Farmer’s Market. However, this year it has come back with a bang. On a new day, time and location, the farmers market has teamed up with Kennesaw’s first ever “Food Truck Mondays” as part of a new community block party. The event is hosted with live music and various food trucks each Monday.

With the use of food trucks, the mobile restaurant business is the top-growing segment in the dining industry today. The intersection of food and wheels has driven the culinary culture to new heights. Many food trucks are taking over, and they have moved to Kennesaw to expand their business.

Brooke Nicely, daughter of a local food truck owner, said, “In Georgia alone, there’s 286 food trucks and only about 10 dessert trucks.”

Tracy's Tasties food truck. Photo by Kimi Frazier
Tracy’s Tasties food truck.
Photo by Kimi Frazier

Nicely is the daughter and co-owner of Tracy’s Tasties with her mother, Tracy Boswell. Tracy’s Tasties is an all-natural and organic mini cheesecake food truck. The mother-daughter duo travels all around Georgia, but are based out of Lawrenceville. Although it is only their second time having their truck included in Food Truck Mondays, they enjoy the Kennesaw area.

Hearing about only 10 dessert trucks in Georgia alone hasn’t discouraged newbie food trucker Steve Walsh, owner of Great Atlanta Custard Co. Walsh said his goal and inspiration for his truck was “to bring frozen custard to the greater Atlanta area.”

Walsh and his wife have opened the truck in May of 2015 and have had a passion for frozen custard ever since Walsh was introduced to it as a child at a St. Louis Cardinals game. He loves the Kennesaw atmosphere and says this is his dream job. Walsh also said that the interactions with the customers are what he enjoys most about his job.

Mac The Cheese food truck. Photo by Kimi Frazier
Mac The Cheese food truck.
Photo by Kimi Frazier

Food Truck Mondays have attracted people from all over Georgia. Quinten Gilmore, manager of Mac The Cheese truck said, “We meet a lot of famous people, we do a lot of TV shows, movies, a lot of festivals.”

His truck has been featured in many movies as well as on set for television shows based in Atlanta. Mac The Cheese is a truck that travels all around Georgia and has four trucks currently.

Gilmore also gave some advice for future food truck owners, “Make stuff people don’t [normally] eat, like make good food, have a small menu priced reasonably, and have a cool truck.”

Food Truck Mondays will be around until Oct. 26, 2015. Come out to experience the love for food, live music and fun every Monday from 6 to 9 p.m. at Depot Park on Cherokee Street.


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