ELLENWOOD, Ga. — Two new tenants of a commercial property in Ellenwood, Georgia are left to fix the former tenants’ damages after the property manager evicted them.

Adrian and Taqueesa Davis are unhappy about having to fix the damages left by the former tenants on their new property on Santa Fe Trail in Ellenwood. Damages include the air conditioning lines being cut, ripped up baseboards and damaged crown moldings.

Property manager Adam Caldwell said the former tenants destroyed the inside of the building after he had to forcibly evict them.

“They did not abide by their leasing agreement and when I asked them to leave, they basically told me, ‘No.’ That’s when I got the police involved,” said Caldwell.

Caldwell also said he owned the entire lot, and that anyone who chose to inhabit the vacant properties would have to take them on as-is.

Adrian and Taqueesa Davis said they are not happy with having to fix the damages, but are willing.

“We would prefer Adam fix the damages before we move in, but we love the property so the good outweighs the bad,” said Adrian Davis.

The couple estimates that they will have to dish out about $3,500 to repair the damages made previous to their moving in.

Caldwell said the former tenants were a church group and he was baffled at their actions after being evicted.

“I honestly did not expect them to react and destroy my property,” said Caldwell. “They are a church after all!”

The Davises also plan to occupy the space for a church.

“Adrian and I are the pastor’s personal assistants who assumed the task of looking for a new location,” said Taqueesa Davis.

The church will be called Proceeding Word Christian Ministries.

The new leasing agreement between Adam Caldwell and the Davis family began June 1, 2015. Adrian and Taqueesa Davis plan to replace the crown molding throughout the duration of their two year lease. In the meantime, they plan to cover the missing molding with drapery and banners with the church logos on them. They have also begun looking for baseboard replacements.

“Down at Home Depot, baseboards are like $3 a piece, so we can go ahead and knock that out,” Adrian said.

As for the cut AC lines, the couple are still in negotiation. They’re hoping that Caldwell’s property insurance will cover the costs of fixing the air conditioning units for them.

“It’s been a hot summer so far, so having air conditioning is a necessity at this point,” Taqueesa Davis said. “And if we don’t have to come out of pocket for it—that would be perfect.”

The pair have also decided to paint the internal walls a different color and change the carpet color. They do not expect Caldwell to assume the costs of their cosmetic adjustment choices.

Adrian and Taqueesa Davis are moving forward optimistically with the lease of Caldwell’s damaged property as-is. They have entered a two-year leasing agreement and plan to open Proceeding Word Christian Ministries during their lease.


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