LakePoint Complex, Perfect Game partnership provides opportunity for prospective college athletes


EMERSON, Ga.—The opening of LakePoint Sporting Complex in Emerson, Georgia, has opened the door for baseball players to get the most exposure to scouts and college recruiting coordinators to move on to the next level of their sport.

Each player attending an event at LakePoint Sporting Complex will receive exposure that will tremendously help players with the process of recruitment, if they are interested in playing baseball at the next level or are looking to receive a scholarship.

Lee University Flames baseball recruiting coordinator and assistant coach, Justin Dedman, has been around the recruiting and scouting process for 10 years now and says with the opening of LakePoint Sporting Complex, college and professional scouts now have one area where they can go see multiple games played in one day with no delays due to weather or field maintenance because of the synthetic turf playing field. Year-round exposure means more recruiting can be done throughout the year.

“Certainly the impact is positive. The facility creates more opportunities because of its synthetic turf surface and the ability to play in nearly any weather condition,” Dedman said.

“Scouts are more confident that games will be played. This encourages them to come to LakePointe’s events.”

Scouting players may prove to be difficult should a complex not welcome players of all levels. LakePoint provides exposure to all types of scouts, not just those looking for players on Division 1 teams. Now players who wish to continue to play in smaller colleges have a better chance to be seen by a college scout, because colleges from every level—Division 2, Division 3, Ivy League, NAIA and junior college—show up for the recruiting process.

“The positive relationship between more games and more opportunities is present for both scouts and players of all levels and abilities,” Dedman said.

Dedman continues to stress how the location of the LakePointe Sporting complex has helped his recruiting endeavors, because it is now closer than where he had to go before—East Cobb Baseball Complex.

Perfect Game USA, the largest amateur baseball event and scouting service in the world, has teamed up with LakePoint Sporting Community. Now that Perfect Game has relocated its corporate offices, it is also relocating a majority of the tournaments held along the East Coast.

With 16 turf fields going all year long, Perfect Game will host over 70 events per year at LakePoint.

Of the more than 1,200 players drafted in the 2012 MLB Draft, more than 85 percent of the players played at a Perfect Game event during their high school years. Perfect Game never had a place to call its home fields, but now that it has teamed up with LakePoint, the scouting process has become much easier for both players and coaches.

Showcases and tournaments will continue at LakePoint and will help players move on to the next level of baseball in their career, but Perfect Game goes the extra mile when it comes to landing someone a scholarship. Perfect game produces a player profile, national ranking, video analysis and scouting reports from scouts who attend each event, making players even more sought after.


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