Local job program brightens students’ future


KENNESAW, Ga.  — President of K4K Inc. Justin Tutt has added a new program to his nonprofit organization, which allows young people to obtain their first job through the K4K database.

The K4K Inc. job program is geared toward teaching children life skill sets, responsibility and that there is no age limit to getting what you want.

“You have the ability right now to bring to life your greatest dreams,” said Tutt.

Tutt envisioned the program when he reflected on helping his single mother save money, and buying things independently. Tutt wants children to know that they should pursue and be determined to get what they want.

The K4K Inc. job program began earlier this year when students began to inquire about how Tutt was so accomplished. Tutt told the students, who he met while substitute teaching around Cobb County, that he worked for all that he had, and if they set goals and work toward them, they can accomplish and gain the same things.

What all began as carwash work has now turned into fence painting, mechanics, and more. Tutt has earned his database contacts through church events, coalitions, youth centers and word-of-mouth.

The program consists of five to seven members and is geared toward high school students but is also open to students under 12, and parents are welcome to accompany students under the age of 12.

In order to gain entrance into the program, Tutt tells students to find his contact information online, contact him via email letting him know what they are interested in and why they would like to work. After gaining program entrance and work opportunities, the students are given a report on the work they have completed over the summer.

Through the relationships K4K Inc. holds with multiple banks, program members also are taken to open their first savings account, and they are taught to save for what they’d like.

Students are grateful for the opportunities given by Tutt and learn that their hard work is what will get them what they want out of life.

Tutt said, “By the end of the summer I want kids to gain the mindset and understanding of what it takes to earn money.”

Tutt is already seeing some of this come to life.

“Thank you for the advice of making my mindset to be more positive and to not give up on my dreams,” said student, Rufino Perez. “I admire the way you followed your dream and one day I am going to be there as well.”

The program’s goals are to open doors for students to gain lasting experiences and contacts within the workforce, and also for them to create teams and bring on their friends to earn money on their own. Students have already begun to gain feedback and direct contact from employers because of the K4K Inc. job program.

Tutt is a Kennesaw State University graduate, who was inspired to create K4K Inc. because of the lack of a father figure and mentor in his life. He wanted to create an organization that provided mentoring for children and also volunteer opportunities for college students and professionals to have an impact on youth in their community.

K4K Inc. also includes other programs such as mentoring, college day and elementary school assisting days in which volunteers read and paint with students.

For more information on the program and K4K Inc. visit http://www.k4kinc.com/


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