Jackets’ offense leads the way


ATLANTA – Georgia Tech is well known across the nation as a top rushing attack. Coach Paul Johnson incorporates the triple option look into a majority of his plays.

That triple option attack helped lead the Yellow Jackets to a 65-10 victory over Tulane this afternoon.

The Jackets racked up 493 yards on the ground Saturday while putting the ball in the end zone six times.

Quarterback Justin Thomas led the way for the Jackets, carrying the ball 10 times for 71 yards and a touchdown.

“I think we came out and did what we were supposed to do,” Thomas said. “Overall, as a team, we started off fast with what we needed to do.”

Qua Searcy seems to have found a home at A-back in the Tech offense after switching around positions earlier.

“Justin Thomas makes it a great home for me,” Searcy said. “He makes me feel comfortable back there.”

Qua Searcy after Georgia Tech win. Photo by Cameron Moyer
Qua Searcy after Georgia Tech win.
Photo by Cameron Moyer

Searcy certainly looked comfortable in the A-back spot today, rushing six times for 35 yards with a touchdown. The touchdown came on third-down and goal from 13 yards out.

“I was not thinking about getting caught short,” Searcy said. “Like I said, the linemen did a good job of blocking up front. Justin [Thomas] had a good read and I got in the end zone.”

Patrick Skov and Clinton Lynch also played roles in the rushing attack. Skov carried the ball 11 times for 50 yards with a touchdown, while Lynch took his lone run on the day for a 45-yard touchdown.

The Jackets lesser known passing attack had a great day as well. Thomas led the way completing seven of his nine passes with two of them going for touchdowns.

“For the most part, we had one-on-one coverage with our guys, and we expect our guys to win those matchups,” Thomas said, speaking about what he saw on his touchdown passes. “When we throw the ball, we expect big plays, and that is what we got today.”

Thomas has now thrown a touchdown pass in six straight games, dating back to the Clemson game in 2014.

Even after the Jackets took their starters out of the game, their offense kept rolling. Matthew Jordan took over at quarterback and helped the offense finish strong.

Jordan rushed three times for 72 yards, with most of it coming on his 65-yard touchdown carry off the triple option. He also completed his lone pass for a 35-yard touchdown.


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