Apple Watch and new technologies create buzz

The recent release of the Apple Watch has consumers buzzing about the newest technology in portable electronics.

Apple’s most personal device so far hit shelves this summer. Forbes reported almost 1 million pre-orders were placed before the watch was even available in stores. The smart watch is Apple’s latest release in its state-of-the-art technology. It allows users to access many features of their iPhones at the convenience of their wrist.

The Apple Watch is a smart watch capable of tracking health related functions, such as activity and heart rate. It also has the capability of integrating with iOS and other Apple products and programs.

“The Apple Watch is an extension of your iPhone. You are able to check notifications, answer calls, texts, emails, scroll through news feeds—all from the Apple Watch,” said Meika Welch, an Apple sales associate.

The Apple Watch comes in two different sizes: a 38-millimeter face, and a larger, 42-millimeter face. Each watch has a variety of interchangeable wristbands suited for anyone’s personal style.
The newest technology in the Apple Watch allows users to communicate with other wearers through taps. This is Apple’s newest sensing technology, called Force Touch. Force Touch has the ability to sense the difference between a tap and a press on the face of the watch.

“It allows me to communicate with my friends, family or colleagues without being constantly glued to my phone,” said Apple Watch owner, Mike Cummings. “It is also a lot more convenient throughout the day to check a notification or something quickly on my wrist, rather than on my iPhone.”

Apple Watch owner, Mike Cummings. Photo by Kristina Hu
Apple Watch owner, Mike Cummings.
Photo by Kristina Hu

Cummings said the watch was a great purchase for himself, but he said he finds the watch drains his iPhone’s battery life because of its need for iPhone syncing. Also, it can occasionally be difficult to tell time. This is because the watch’s screen does not “wake up” when controlled by wrist movement. Cummings says there is no doubt that Apple will improve these slight issues in the near future.

Time magazine says Apple has sold 2.8 million Apple Watches in the first two months it has been on the market. Apple will not reveal just how many watches have sold, but what is known is that the company is rushing to increase supply.

For further information about the Apple Watch and to purchase an Apple Watch go to


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