Georgia Youth Choir seeks growth


ATLANTA — An Atlanta children’s choir is making its name known in the metro area. The Georgia Youth Choir is known as the choir that works with the Atlanta Ballet’s production of the Nutcracker at the Fox Theater during the holidays. Now the choir is branching out and working with the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra.

The Georgia Youth Choir is an up-and-coming children’s choir located in the city of Atlanta.

The choir held auditions for its fall season at Saint Anne’s Episcopal Church at the beginning of August.

The newest collaboration the Georgia Youth Choir has started is with the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra. The choir also works with the ASO in its fundraising efforts by performing in the board member’s homes throughout the year.

“Georgia Youth Choir is fast becoming the most sought after youth choir in the state of Georgia, said Financial Manager Paul Burton.

Burton and Artistic Director Alyssa Gangarosa hope to see the choir expanding in number.

“My passion is the sound of children singing beautifully,” said Gangarosa.

In the meantime, the choir will continue its collaborations with other professional arts organizations in Atlanta, and there will possibly be travel opportunities in the next two years.

The choir will perform with the Atlanta Ballet in its production of the Nutcracker with the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra at the Fox Theater at the end of the fall season.

The requirements to be in the choir is that the child must be in fourth grade or older. The child also must be able to match pitch. The monthly tuition for the Georgia Youth Choir is 70 dollars.

For more information about the Georgia Youth Choir or to get more information about how to audition please visit


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