Kennesaw State Owls remain undefeated


KENNESAW, Ga. – After a very hard-earned drive, the Kennesaw State Owls remain undefeated.

While both teams started out slow, Kennesaw State began on top after kicker, Justin Thompson, scored a field goal with 12:58 on the clock in the first quarter. After a 10-play, 54-yard drive, Thompson connected on a field goal from 26 yards out with 5:35 left to play in the first quarter. Kennesaw was up six points for the rest of the time before the Shorter Hawks scored with a field goal in the beginning of the second quarter with 14:56 on the clock.

The competition picked up after Shorter’s Wesley Clay’s 73-yard interception return which put Shorter in the red zone. The Hawks then capped it off with a two-yard rush by fullback Aki Cole. Shorter went into the half up 10-6 and remained on top until Kennesaw’s Justin Thompson kicked a field goal, putting the Owls in the lead, 12-10.

After the field goal, Shorter received the ball on its 28-yard line. The Hawks put together a 9-play, 51-yard drive. This resulted in a 38-yard field goal attempt, fumbled by Kenny Langford. Kennesaw’s Dez Billingslea for a 65-yard touchdown putting the Owls up 18-10 recover it.

What could have been Kennesaw’s downfall, turned out to be one of the reasons it edged off Shorter. Thompson missed two crucial field goals but scored when it counted most.

“He missed some,” said Brian Bohannon, Kennesaw State head coach. “He has got to make them all, but when they counted, he made it.”

This was an all-out defensive battle. The KSU defense held Shorter’s offense to only 176 yards of total offense.

“Our defense came to play,” said the KSU quarterback Trey White. “That’s what kept us in the game.”

This was a tough game and a win for the books. The Owls came to play and earned their win.


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