Wifi problems at Kennesaw apartment complex infuriate residents


KENNESAW, Ga. – Numerous residents at U-Pointe apartments in Kennesaw called the office of the college off-campus housing Monday morning after being extremely aggravated with having no Wi-Fi connection.

Courtney Payne, a Kennesaw State University student, has had trouble with the internet connection since the first day she moved in.

“I am sick and tired of this mess,” she said. Payne also stated that having no Wi-Fi connection has hindered her completing school assignments, and, in order to stay on track, she bought a router.

Payne is not the only resident with these Internet connection problems. She said she has talk with many residents about the problem, and they are encountering the same issues.

“I refuse to let my grades fall because of not having access to the Internet … ,” said Payne.

“I had to go buy a router — it was causing me to use up all of my data on my cell phone,” said Taylor Tramonte, another resident at U-Pointe in Kennesaw.

Tramonte also said that last week she received a warning notice addressed to her personally about the use of her router.

“Even though they know I have a router, I refuse to stop using my router until the Internet can work effectively without going in and out,” she said.

Austin Weisheipl, a community assistant at U-Pointe, has been an employee there for a year.  He said that this Fall has been the worst semester for receiving complaints about the Internet.

“I understand the frustrations, but we are doing our best to eliminate the problem,” said Weisheipl.

U-Pointe has sent out notices to everyone with personal routers. To track the routers, they use Korcett, which is their Internet base.

After tracking almost every router being used and sending notices to those residents who have them, about 30 percent have been taken down.


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