Kennesaw State University fraternity awarded No. 1 chapter recognition in nation


KENNESAW, Ga. – The Kennesaw State University, Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity Chapter recently earned recognition for being one of the top-10-percent-performing chapters across the United States and in Canada at a national convention in Memphis, Tennessee.

The Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity was founded in 1868 at the University of Virginia, with now over 250 active chapters across the United States and Canada. The Smythe Award is named after junior founder Robert Adger Smythe. The Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity (PIKE) gives out the Robert Adger Smythe Award once per year to chapters that rank in the top 10 percent of all PIKE chapters worldwide.

The Smythe Award is the most highly coveted trophy that the PIKE has to offer and is determined by a series of applications and by examining all facets of the operations of the chapter.

The brothers of the Mu Beta Chapter at Kennesaw State achieved tremendous success throughout the year in academics, philanthropic fundraisers, involvement in other campus organizations, community service and athletics.

“Everyone worked hard this year for a greater cause, bigger than themselves,” said External Vice President Andrew McInerney.

Over the year, the chapter raised $34,100 for the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation, worked more than 3,250 volunteer hours for various community service projects, and ranked second in overall intramural athletics. The Mu Beta Chapter brothers also had more than 90 percent of its members involved in organizations on campus, outside of being members of the fraternity and some members even served on executive boards in their respective organizations.

Mu Beta has only been a chartered fraternity on Kennesaw’s campus for three years now.

“The rate at which these men achieved success is remarkable, and almost unheard. They are the second fastest chapter to win this award since their chartering date,” said Don Kyle, Chapter Advisor.

Kyle has served as Chapter Advisor for more than two years and has seen the chapter grow from just a few colony members, to where it is today with over 106 members and one of the top ranked PIKE chapters across North America.

The Mu Beta Chapter set a standard amongst them to not only better them, but also to better the community, better Kennesaw State and to try to change the negative perception of the “fraternity man.”

With all of the negative press and negative associations that people receive when they are members of a fraternity, the good things that chapters like the Mu Beta Chapter are doing on their campus are seldom heard.

“Our guys have really tried to let the University and the surrounding community know that there are far more greater things about fraternities and the work they do than just what is seen on TV or in the newspaper,” said Internal Vice President Bradley DeLee.

The PIKE chapter on Kennesaw’s campus has developed good relationships with University staff as they elected to special initiate the Dean of Students, Dr. Michael Sansivero and Athletic Director, Vaughn Williams.

“Being able to give back to the community as much as we have is a true testament to the group of guys we have.” said McInerney.

“We are forever thankful for the generosity we have received from the community, and we have tried our absolute best to give back to the community every chance we get.”

The brothers of the Mu Beta Chapter of the Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity hope that their recent success will continue and will result in more recognition in future years. “We can’t stop where we are now, the journey has just begun for us and we want to be able to continue to bring home more awards and moments like this one,” said DeLee.


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