Q100 reaches out to students and their teams


ATLANTA— Metro-Atlanta high school students may receive a visit from the famous WWWQ-FM, better known as Q100, radio personalities during football games this fall.

Atlanta’s Q100 is the first radio station in the area to host “Friday Night Lights” as a segment of the Adam Bomb Show. Celebrity radio personality Adam Bomb makes an appearance at the football games.

Q100 will attend local high school football games every Friday night this football season. Radio disc jockeys, producers and interns of the show will be there with prizes, free tickets and other giveaways.

Students and fans in attendance will have the opportunity to be on the radio, as the show is broadcast live from the football games. Students can also be featured on the Q100 Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat accounts.

“Adam is such a humble and genuine guy, and he really loves reaching out to the community. The Adam Bomb show has loyal listeners, and they appreciate his

interactivity with them,” said Rachel Feltner, an Adam Bomb Show intern. “The majority of listeners are high school and college kids, so it’s cool to see their reaction when we show up.”

The radio interns said they also love going to the games.

“It is so fun to see the crowds! It reminds me of the days I was in high school. I like being able to see these students have a good time. It makes my experience as an intern that much better”, Meagan Retter, an Adam Bomb Show intern, said.  “The excitement is unreal, and the atmosphere is incredible.”

Interns of the show say  “Friday Night Lights” is not only great for outreach and involvement in the community, but also for themselves.

“I am learning all kinds of new social media skills, video production, and people skills just from being at these games,” Feltner said. “It is amazing how we are not only giving back to the community, but improving our own skills and education.”

Nick Burgess, Adam Bomb Show producer, said they have been to South Paulding, Pope, Alpharetta, Milton, Walton, Lassiter, Etowah, and South Forsyth high schools so far this fall.

“The high schools we have been to are really all over Atlanta. We like to make sure we are hitting every area we can. It’s a great experience for us and the students,” Burgess said. “I hope this is something we are able to continue to do. “

Burgess says Q100 also reaches out to various high school teams and invites them to the studio to see how radio stations work. The teams host a countdown of the top five songs in the United States when they come to the studio.  College teams have also hosted the show.

“I really hope one day we can bring “Friday Night Lights” to college campuses,” Burgess said. “Imagine how fun that would be!”


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