Atlanta entrepreneurs develop innovative search engine


ATLANTA – Find Me Ink is a new business based in Atlanta that is founded by three young entrepreneurs. It is a tattoo search engine connecting tattoo enthusiasts with local artists.

Find Me Ink could potentially change the way tattoo artists connect to their customers. The idea was created by Jordan McKim, Mark Mahoney and Cory Milella.

Find Me Ink aims to be a nationwide site that provides a directory and photo search engine for tattoo artists and parlors. By providing image and keyword searches, Find Me Ink lets customers find local artists and see their work. This enables customers to easily select an artist rather than visiting each parlor individually.

Traditionally, parlors are individually owned. They advertise through local print media and directories. When someone is looking to get a tattoo, they must visit the parlor in order to see the actual work of the artists there. It can be difficult for customers to know what local artists are the best when it comes to skill and pricing. More often than not, people end up with tattoos that could have been done better if they had more information when making their decision.

Through Find Me Ink, artists and parlors will be able to create searchable online portfolios of all their work. Customers using the search engine will be able to search these portfolios and decide which artist best fits their needs. They can then book an appointment with the artist directly from the site.

“Basically we will be the middle man connecting artists with customers,” Mahoney said. “We will benefit artists by making them more easily accessible and benefit customers by saving them time and helping them find the best possible artist in their area.”

These three men began their dream of creating a business by putting it on Kick Starter, a website designed to provide funding for people with business ideas. After raising some money, they began meeting with local tattoo artists to propose a partnership. After these initial steps, Find Me Ink gathered sufficient funds to launch as a business.

McKim, Mahoney and Milella are currently exhibiting Find Me Ink at regional and national tattoo conventions. This enables them to build face-to-face relationships and make their name known in the tattoo community. They also provide free tattoo giveaways and sponsorship for tattoo artists.

“We just need to get our name out there,” Milella said. “Once people realize that they have this option, there’s no way they won’t want it. I wish I had something like this when I got my first few tattoos.”

Find Me Ink is a new and innovative idea, and starting a business comes with many challenges. But the owners believe that with their dedication and determination, there are sure to be big things in store for Find Me Ink.

“We’ll stick with it ‘til it’s everything we know it can be,” McKim said. “We know the kind of difference something like this can make. First it will be Atlanta, and then it will go nationwide. I’m absolutely sure of it.”


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