Common misconceptions in today’s fitness and nutrition world


KENNESAW, Ga. – In a society dominated with the desire for a perfect body image, many people are misinformed with the information that they are using to reach their goals.

Nutrition expert Sandra Walker and fitness instructor Danielle Windom reveal two of the most recent and common misconceptions that prevent people from obtaining their desired goals.  Understanding the false information that often misleads many people who are seeking a healthier lifestyle will allow them to see improved results.

In her experiences with educating individuals with nutrition advice, Walker offers the facts on the recently popular gluten-free diet.

Sandra Walker, nutritionist
Sandra Walker, nutritionist

“There seems to be a gluten-free fad,” said Walker. “Most people would find that they would get the same benefits of being gluten free by simply removing processed foods from their diet.”

Sandra explains that gluten is a protein found in certain grains, and that it can have many benefits when coming from the right sources.  She mentions that a gluten-free diet is in fact extremely difficult to maintain because gluten is found in so many popular foods.

Sandra offers advice to those who are buying into this misconception.

“Just take six weeks and don’t make it quite so hard on yourself, just get rid of the processed foods.  Get rid of everything that is baked outside of your home.”

She warns people to avoid the center aisles of the grocery store, instead to walk around the perimeter of the store where one would find the produce, meat, and dairy sections.  After the six weeks, she says to evaluate the results.  If the symptoms remain, a gluten-free diet may be the next step.

Fitness expert and personal trainer Danielle Windom provides another health misconception geared toward fitness. In her experiences in training others, a common trend almost always arises with newly active individuals. When trying to lose weight, most people assume that cardio is the best solution. Windom debunks this misconception.

Danielle Windom, fitness expert and personal trainer
Danielle Windom, fitness expert and personal trainer

“A lot of people believe that a cardio-centered workout is going to allow them to get the most results and lose the most weight, when in reality lifting weights is going to allow them to burn more calories in the long run,” she said.

Windom noticed people’s frustration as they used cardio as their only form of exercise.

“When you’re on the treadmill or doing a cardio centered workout, you’re only burning calories during that exercise.”

She explains that lifting weights breaks down the muscles, forcing them to rebuild and become stronger.  The advantage to this is that calories are being burned throughout the process of catabolism and anabolism, or the breakdown and re-building of muscles.  This process continues to burn calories after the workout is complete.  Therefore, lifting weights burns more calories and produces more results than a cardio exercise alone.

These nutrition and fitness misconceptions have prevented individuals from reaching their goals.  Unfortunately, many common misconceptions stand in the way of people’s desires to improve themselves.  However, actively seeking knowledge from professionals and other resources can combat the negative effects of these misconceptions.  Now, with this expert advice, one may be able to accomplish and achieve their ultimate health goals.


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