Local Organization Helps Build Dreams


KENNESAW, Ga. – Hive Atlanta is a nonprofit, started by hardworking and determined millennials, that exists to cultivate community among leaders and entrepreneurs.

It provides resources to help others succeed in pursuing their dreams. Those resources are provided through blog posts, connecting through social media and learning through gatherings that are held all over the Atlanta area.

Hive crafts an inspired community that encourages and supports people with new business ideas from concept to launch.

Jake Dudley and Bryant Malone are two of the five Hive cofounders located in Marietta.

“We saw a group of people from a large age range who wanted to start new things and they were passionate about their ideas, dreams, and goals,” said Dudley. “So we thought, what would it look like if we brought all these people together who had different skills and talents and put them in the same room and let them work together to build each other’s dreams?”

With this dream in mind, Hive was born in 2013. “No lonely leaders” has been the designated slogan for Hive.

“We just realized we were passionate about building community more so than we were passionate about building you to be successful,” said Dudley, “because we felt like if you had the right community around you, a community that is passionate, we will be successful.”

“We also believe that anyone who is starting something new and building something,” said Malone, “whether or not they have people under them right now or they’ll have people under them in the future, is a leader of some sort. So the community aspect and the leadership aspect came together.”

To be able to grow the organization, Hive created gatherings to meet and connect with their followers.

“We have what we call Hive gathering up to four times a year,” said Malone. “This is where everyone can get together as a community to network and help each other build ideas and dreams. We include guest speakers, dinner, and break out group sessions which are more on a personal level.”

Gatherings are open to the public and information can be found being promoted through its website, social media, and the Hive blog. It only cost $10 to attend but that includes dinner and a T-shirt. You can buy tickets at the door the night of the event.

Dudley explained all the hard work that goes into preparing for all gatherings.

“So when we preplan for a gathering we are very strategic with who speaks at a gathering, and we’re very strategic with the people that are sitting around the tables,” Dudley said. “So there’s a lot of dreaming, there’s a lot of how do we make last time better, how are we creative, how can we be innovative, and how can we make it so that anybody who attends a Hive gathering leaves connected with someone.”

For more information on the next gathering, visit Hive Atlanta on Facebook or head on over to the website at www.hiveatl.com.


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