Norcross print company thrives in digital age


NORCROSS, Ga. – Digi Print Ink Limited has found a way to thrive during a transition time of Internet sales increasing over print sales.

Bryce Allen, owner of Digi Print Ink Ltd., continues to grow his company without use of social media in a time when social media and Internet sales are increasing.

Allen said that he does nothing to match Internet sales of other companies, but instead relies on word-of-mouth for new customers. This tactic seems risky, but works for him because most clients are repeats who trust Digi Print Ink Ltd. with their business.

While business is flowing, Allen said a “better website presence could help to compete with Internet sales from other companies.”

One aspect that helps maintain customers besides already having personal interactions with clients is Allen’s ability to take clients to lunch or ask clients how family members are doing. When purchasing printed materials from a website you will not encounter these friendly relations. This is a personal association that can only be made with clients you speak to regularly, which is most of Allen’s business. Even with Internet sales increasing, Digi Print Ink Ltd. has had increased sales volume year after year. This is most likely a result of good customer service and word-of-mouth referrals.

“We do a lot of work for other printers or print brokers and overflow work for other printers who don’t have any capacity to print,” said employee Pat Brookshire.

Print brokers are people with no printing equipment. They buy, print and resell to clients with a cost markup. Allen’s biggest competitors are other printing companies that do a lot of trade work, which is work for other printing companies. Digi Print Ink Ltd. also does overflow work, which is when another printer’s machine is down or they have too much volume and need to outsource a portion of their work to another printer to help meet customer deadlines.

Digi Print Ink Ltd. does all types of printing, but most of the business comes from “booklets.” These booklets are multipage documents that range from brochure size to large books or manuals. These items cannot be downloaded to computers as easily, meaning companies still need them printed.

“A lot of people over the age of 35 still like to have a piece of paper and print in their hand,” said Allen.

Owner, Bryce Allen is all smiles after a busy work day. (Photo by Kaleigh Allen)
Owner, Bryce Allen is all smiles after a busy work day. (Photo by Kaleigh Allen)

According to Forbes in 2012, there are many benefits of continuing use of print. Most consumers think of printed material as more credible. Printed media is also more tangible for consumers because they can hold it in their hands and the thought of it disappearing like it can on the Internet does not cross their minds. This does not prove that print is not dead, but it helps to keep it alive.

Allen also gets business from the charities and organizations that he often donates money or printing to. These nonprofits include Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, Muscular Dystrophy Association, American Kidney Fund and Academy of Physicians. Digi Print Ink Ltd. also cuts the printing prices for nonprofits to help them afford documents.

Bryce Allen started the company 15 years ago when his previous employer shut down his printing company. Brookshire has worked for Digi Print Ink Ltd. for 10 years.


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