Stonebwoy hidden from national view at 2015 BET Awards


LOS ANGELES ─ Stonebwoy, a Ghanaian based artist who won the “Best International Act (Africa)” at the 2015 BET Awards was asked by numerous fans why he did not make an appearance on national television.

Ghana based afro-pop/reggae artist Stonebwoy, born Livingstone Satekla flew in all the way from Ghana, Africa this past summer to accept the award of “Best International Act (Africa)” at the BET Awards, which aired June 28, but the artist was asked later why this event did not take place on national television.

It was a proud moment not only for Ghana, but for all of Africa that Stonebwoy won this award. The famous American network, Black Entertainment Television, is notorious for editing the awards due to airtime limitations. Showing viewers only parts of the award and leaving out parts which some people feel should be aired. Paulus Dagbui, Stonebwoy’s manager who lives in Atlanta stressed the fact that the award was earned and given to Stonebwoy genuinely.

“It really doesn’t matter if it is aired, eventually it will be,” said Dagbui, “African music is still very new to the USA, and we are being humble and appreciative for the recognition.”

The first BET International Award was given in 2007 through Twitter, showing that much has changed over the years.

Stonebwoy has worked hard to get to where he is today. He began his music career in high school, when his love for music began to flourish. He eventually was signed by the famous Ghana record label, Samini. He won the best artist of the year in Ghana leading him to the 2015 BET Awards.

Stonebwoy talked about how grateful and humbled he was to have been a part of the award. “I got a lot of love from people everywhere, Jamaicans especially,” He said, “It was like God just said it is your time to shine and so it happened.”

Stonebwoy’s manager and public relations team made it their business to promote this artist on Social media, on television and elsewhere.

Dagbui ensured that during the artist time here in the United States, he made wise use of his time. Immediately after the 2015 BET Awards, Stonebwoy was on tour in three cities including Atlanta, Georgia. His show in metro-Atlanta was at the Afro Caribbean Xplosion live concert in Stone Mountain, Georgia at Club Pisces.

Saw One Radio was the host of the Afro Caribbean Xplosion concert. They are an online based radio station. Mona-Lisa, who works for this station, explained that the reason BET does not air some sections of their awards is because airtime is money.

“BET needs ratings and taking these artist who are not so known here in the U.S. might reduce their ratings or sponsorships.” Mona said.

Since the award, Stonebwoy and his team have had a lot of international recognition and collaborations. His YouTube views increased tremendously, and his social media followers multiplied by thousands.


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