Keep Kennesaw Beautiful board reviews past and upcoming events

KENNESAW, Ga. – Parking was a problem at the Fifth Annual Kennesaw Paws in the Park event, according to Keep Kennesaw Beautiful board members who also discussed the upcoming recycling event in November.

The Board met Oct. 12 to review the logistics of the Sept. 19 Paws in the Park event at the Swift-Cantrell Park in Kennesaw.

Board Director Miranda Jones advised the board that the carryover revenue from Paws in the Park will not be finalized until all expenses from the event have been reconciled. This should be completed by the end of October.

“We have flexibility with events, we can be flexible with event dollars,” Jones said in reference to Paws in the Park expenses.

A wrap-up report from the event was provided at the meeting. The planning committee discussed what worked, what didn’t and what could be improved for next year.

Parking at the event was the main issue discussed. The concern was that most crowds came near the end of the event, when parking is already taken up by park patrons. Jones suggested making the event 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. because there would be more of a chance to attend if the event goes until mid-day.

Board members also discussed the need for a better check-in system for the event. Members concluded that the check-in method could be improved by setting back the tents 3-4 feet and having members direct attendees to the field where the event is held.

“It was an overall successful event, but of course there is always room for improvement,” said board member Lisa Soukup.

The committee also discussed Keep Kennesaw Beautiful’s upcoming fall Electronics/Metal Recycling and Document Shredding Event next month.

Jones is working to confirm a new electronics recycle vendor as Reworx is no longer working with community events. ROTC has confirmed to volunteer and its volunteers will know what to do upon showing up. Board members will also need to be in attendance at the event as an extra set of volunteers. Each member in attendance at the meeting signed up for a two-hour long shift during the event.

“It is one of those events that kind of runs itself,” Jones said.

Board members conversed about what types of materials are able to be recycled.

“Glass cost about $5 to get rid of and garbage is $30 per ton,” board member Jon Whitmer said. “Glass turns to sand and eats up the equipment, so that should go to a specific glass recycling center instead.”

Visit Keep Kennesaw Beautiful’s Facebook page for more information on the event and acceptable items for recycling.

The recycling event will be held on Nov. 14 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Public Works facility, 3080 Moon Station Road in Kennesaw. The event is free and open to the public.


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