Keller Williams Realty seeks more parking spaces from Woodstock Council


WOODSTOCK, Ga. — Against the wishes of residents of the Stonecroft subdivision, Keller Williams Realty petitioned the Woodstock mayor and City Council for more parking spaces at a meeting held Oct. 12.

While the Keller Williams facility is seeking additional parking spaces for its growing business, many residents of the Stonecroft community do not want the parking spaces on the street, in fear of their neighborhood being used as a turn-around point. Concerns for potential accidents due to on-street parking and congestion issues were brought forth.

Spokesperson Katie Coulborn petitioned for a tighter turn radius near the on-street parking spaces to prevent accidents. The Council members did not want to focus on a potential problem when other problems are in the forefront.

“How do I solve a problem that’s not a problem?” asked City Council Member Christopher Casdia.

With the specifics and recommendations from Coulborn rising, the applicant in charge of future construction spoke up to plead his case.

“There are a whole bunch of unknowns and we’re pretty much out of money,” said Jim LaVallee.

The Council approved the parking spaces for Keller Williams by a unanimous 6-0 vote, before the Stonecroft community breathed a sigh of relief when the Council voted against the on-street parking request.

Preston Pooser petitioned to the Council for a new bus for the W.G. Long Senior Center due to the fact that the current bus is not accessible via the regulations of the Americans with Disabilities Act. The council approved 6-0, but not without a few questions regarding the necessity of the expense.

“A hundred thousand miles is not a lot of miles for a new vehicle,” said City Council Member Liz Baxter. “I’m definitely in favor. I’m just curious if it will last a long time … at someone else’s expense.”

The Woodstock Planning Commissioner Jeff Wood was honored by Mayor Bud Leonard for his 10 years of service to the Woodstock community and was given a plaque and a gold key.

“I’d like to present to you a key to the city. It’s pretty but it opens nothing,” Leonard said, as laughter erupted and applause ensued.

The mayor appointed Collin Ake to replace Wood as planning commissioner. Wood and Ake exchanged a handshake before the meeting continued.

A new addition to the Woodstock police staff was sworn in by the mayor. Officer Collin Henry raised his right hand while Leonard “read him his rights” and he was officially welcomed to the city.

The meeting concluded with regards to the Woodstock Fire and Rescue Department open house Oct. 10. Leonard complimented the successful day.

“I understand we grilled 600 hot dogs, had to get 200 more and we still ran out,” said Leonard. “Thanks for a good day, chief!”


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