Painting a picture: The growth of the Roswell art scene


ROSWELL, Ga. – In the heart of Roswell lies Canton Street, where many densely packed restaurants, bars and art galleries line the road and offer Roswell a thriving art scene.

Roswell Art District

The Roswell Art District is a group of seven different art galleries, loosely connected in order to collaborate on an event called the Roswell Art Walk that occurs on the first Friday of every month.

“We basically have a bus going to most of the galleries, stopping there, and it’s just basically to raise awareness on the art scene in this area, outside of the perimeter because Roswell is booming so,” said Judy Goldberg, one of the founders of Muse & Co., a Roswell gallery and a member of the Roswell Art District. “The next 10 years you’ll see a lot of development and we’re really trying to make art one of the things that is a huge attraction for the Roswell area.”

Roswell’s Muse

Muse & Co., a recent addition to the Roswell Arts District, was formed in 2010 by Donna McDonald, Judy Goldberg and Sheila Grubb. Goldberg describes their gallery as including “fine art, events and music.” Each of the seven galleries under the Roswell Art District differs from one another, offering a wide variety of art to view and purchase.

art district 1
Muse & Co., located at 23 Oak St., Roswell, Georgia, provides an event space for private exhibitions of contemporary art along with their consultation services for customers looking for specific typed of art. (Photo by Daniel Rogers)

“We do contemporary art, as you can see. We’re probably the most contemporary in this entire area. Mostly local artists. Over 40 artists contribute to the gallery,” said Goldberg.

art district 2
A recent exhibit at the Muse & Co. gallery showcasing equestrian art. Exhibits range from themed collaborations to demonstrations by individual artists. (Photo by Daniel Rogers)

Muse & Co. holds specialized events every weekend, with famous local and regional artists, such as Zheng Li, holding special events showcasing their art.

“[Zheng Li] is one of our international artists, and he is settling on a case for the piano. His piano was copied and mass produced without his knowledge, consent and so he has been conducting lawsuits and has been winning them,” said Goldberg. “We just had a show with his piano, one of the pianos that was copied and mass produced.”

Taylor Kinzel

The Taylor Kinzel Gallery, founded in 2003 by Patrick Taylor and Mary Kinzel Means, is another Roswell-based art gallery that also holds store events and participates in the Roswell Art District’s monthly Art Walk.

Taylor Kinzel Gallery sells a host of different types of art, including paintings, statues and glasswork, from many different local artists.

“Well, we (Patrick and Mary) met in 1994 and we both worked at the same gallery and became friends and shared a common aesthetic. Through the years we ended up working at several different galleries but remained friends and stayed in contact. We both wanted to have our own gallery,” said Patrick Taylor.

art district 3
Taylor Kinzel, founded by Mary Kinzel and Patrick Taylor (pictured) in 2003, is located on 16 Elizabeth Way, Roswell, Georgia, and offers art for sale from many Roswell artists. (Photo by Daniel Rogers)

With over 40 Roswell artists listed on Muse and Co.’s website and over 25 on Taylor Kinzel’s, there seems to be ample local talent to draw from when filling these galleries with art.

“We ask that they [the artists] submit images of their work with a little biographical information and then Mary and I will look at the work, see if it is, you know, something that works with our general aesthetic and if it fills a need, a niche that we don’t have,” said Taylor.

art district 4

One such piece of art, titled “Red Head With Flower Power” by Joan Carew, (pictured above), illustrates the wide variety of pieces that are displayed at Taylor Kinzel. (Photo by Daniel Rogers)

Growing the scene

To bolster the art scene of Roswell to the benefit of every gallery, the Roswell Art District was formed to promote the different types of art and venues each gallery has.

“That began in 2004 and it fulfilled a need of an organized … it began out of biannual Art Walks and a need to be organized about it and so we came together as a group and it has been going ever since,” said Taylor.

The Roswell Art District is aligned with Roswell’s Cultural Arts Commission, which replaced the old Cultural Arts Board, both of which were used to help promote local Roswell art.

In addition to the Art Walk conducted by the Roswell Art District, the art galleries host their own events that include exhibitions done by individual artists and collaborations between artists with a similar style or aesthetic.

“Next month we are hosting our 12th annual Glass Show that showcases new glass work by nationally recognized artists and also doubles as a donation drive for Toys-for-Tots,” said Taylor.

Bringing in the customers

With the growth of arts in Roswell through events and partnerships like the Roswell Art District, Canton Street.has become a hub for people who are interested in buying and selling art.

“My family and I come down here every week and comb through different galleries looking for pieces that interest us,” said Roswell resident Ian Engbritson, 25.  “It’s nice having a collection of galleries that are close to each other where we can find many different pieces of art.”


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