First year student brings back KSU bowling


KENNESAW, Ga. – Most first-year students can’t wait to explore the school and experience the college life to the fullest. And how do you do so? By joining clubs, pledging and attending student meetings. Well, how about starting off managing a club sport from week one? That’s exactly what happened to Eric Moore.

Moore, 18, came to Kennesaw State University with the hope to become actively involved during his college tenure. He initially attended KSU wanting to be exposed to things he had not necessarily experienced before. Not knowing what route to pursue, Moore wandered around campus looking to find a path worth taking.

Finally, he stumbled across the campus green, where the club sports were out recruiting athletes for the semester. With a brochure in hand, Moore quickly realized bowling was right down his alley.

“I bowled with my mom and sister semi-regularly, and it was always competitive,” Moore said, “so I figured I would give it a shot.”

Back in his hometown of Hinesville – 40 miles southwest of Savannah, Ga. – Moore bowled with his mother, Gwendolyn Moore, and older sister, Sydney Moore. From an early age, Eric Moore has always shown his interest in the sport and over time made it a competition toward anyone he faced.

“I knew Eric was a natural bowler from the first time he picked up a bowling ball at the age of 2. “Gwendolyn Moore said. “He quickly graduated from the bumpers and went on to consistently out-bowl both me and his sister.”

With a high score of 193, Eric Moore thought joining this club would be a great hobby to pick up in his spare time.

Moore emailed the bowling club listed in the brochure, but received responses saying the email was non-existent. A few days later, he decided to visit the Owl’s Nest across from Fifth Third Bank Stadium. There, he met with KSU’s club sports coordinator, Amy Kuuskoski, to talk to her about the situation.

While speaking with Kuuskoski, Moore found out the president of the club graduated last year, and no one else decided to keep the club going. The club had become inactive.

“Since I was the first person to meet with her about it, she asked if I would be interested in getting the club started again.” Eric said.

After a little consideration and fighting through some doubt, Moore graciously accepted the offer, and believed it to be a starting block to not only getting involved, but also developing into a better leader.

Since accepting his position, Moore has made it his primary objective to recruit athletes and kick-start this program back to where it needs to be. With the help of social media, he hopes he can rapidly spread the word about this reinstated program for not only this semester, but for the semesters to come.

Moore also posted flyers around campus hoping someday, someone looking for a path to take will find interest in this program, similar to how he was earlier in the semester.

One of his greatest forms of recruiting involves meeting face-to-face with individuals who have shown interest in joining the team. To Moore, this is more important than social media, in the sense of gaining a connection with the individual, and also displaying his leadership qualities.

“Eric has always been a natural leader,” Sydney Moore said. “Eric’s passion not only drives him, it drives others who are fortunate to witness it.”

As a leader, having goals set in place makes for running a smooth program. Coming to the end of the first semester, Moore has goals set for as long as he’s attending the university.

His first goal involves finding someone who is interested in coaching the team, which could potentially be his most difficult task. However, Eric makes it his mission to not give up on his new role.

Within the next three years, he wants the bowling club to gain more popularity and be able to compete in local and national tournaments.

After graduation, Eric wants the team to remain active and never die out again. To do this, he works to set the basis of the program and develop it around him and the future athletes to come.


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