Social media: easy or tough to follow?

A Roswell, Georgia planning company is thriving in their competitive industry with the use of social media.


ROSWELL, Ga. – The Party Girl Events planning company has found its niche in the event industry through effectively using social media.

Tammie Wilson, owner of The Party Girl Events, continues to find new ways to showcase her events and increase clientele via social media accounts.

THE Party Girl

Party Girl owner Tammie Wilson (photo by Kaleigh Allen)

Wilson has been in business for over 12 years in Roswell, Georgia. However, Wilson has been planning parties for family and friends for close to 20 years.

When she first began planning events they were everything from small family gatherings to large family or friends weddings.

With her kids in school and growing quickly, Wilson decided to open her own event planning company with the intentions of making the clients “special day perfect and go off without a hitch.”


Social Media

Business is thriving for the “party girls,” as Wilson and her staff call themselves. But their success does not stop them from learning new ways to connect with past, present, and potential clients on social media.

The problem is reaching the right people with the best possible material.

“Our college level interns are wonderful because they help us stay up to date on social media trends and show us new ways to incorporate social media into our events,” Wilson says.

Their clients love incorporating special hash tags in their events because they are unique and make them feel even more special. Wilson said her team “loves brainstorming hash tags together because it is fun and gives them another chance to make their client’s day special and memorable.”

Kathy Thompson, Wilson’s right-hand woman, has been working for the company for over 10 years, ever since she moved into the house next door. Thompson often attends webinars put on by mass media or mass event planning companies that teach small business planners how to incorporate social media in a more effective way.

Thompson said she “love[s] attending webinars because they usually last less than 30 minutes and I can watch them on my laptop during a lunch break.”

The Party Girls 

The Party Girl Events plans both small and large-scale events ranging from birthday parties to weddings and mitzvahs. The guest size for these events can be anywhere from 20 to 350 people.

Each event is unique in that even if the theme is the same, the décor is completely different.

Everything is handled from invitations to food to making sure the clients get photos months after their event has passed.

When Guests Go Bad

Being an event planner with The Party Girl Events in Roswell means Wilson has some interesting stories from previous clients and events.

One of her favorite stories is from a wedding in 2013. The wedding was on a beautiful piece of land in South Georgia on a slightly brisk October day. All of the planning leading up to the event went smoothly. Unfortunately, the smooth lead up did jinx some preparations, but the clients and guests did not notice or could not control some issues that arose.

The groomsmen being drunk before the ceremony started did not help the situation at all.

After the ceremony, the bride and groom took photos with one of the horses on property. It all went smoothly until the horse kicked and the bride fell, which led to a tear in her dress. The tear has had to be fixed quickly by The Party Girl Events staff.

The bar staff served an underage teen who became so intoxicated that she needed the restroom and someone to carry her out of the venue.

Wilson said she realizes that these issues were out of her and her staff’s control and were a direct result from the guests being unruly.

Luckily, most guests that The Party Girl Events encounters are happy and respectful.


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