Painting Marietta Square nude


MARIETTA, Ga. – dk Gallery in Marietta Square spiced up Valentine’s weekend with its opening night for the 8th annual nude and figure show, ‘Romance of the Nude and Figure,’ on Friday, Feb. 12.

The artwork showcased for ‘Romance of the Nude and Figure,’ is a combination of 13 stylistically different, emerging and established dk Gallery artists. Artists showed off their work to a full house from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. dk Gallery hosts monthly shows to introduce the gallery’s new theme.


Sculptures and paintings on display at dk Gallery for the opening night of ‘Romance of the Nude and Figure,’ (Photo by Camille Moore)

“Since it’s February, the theme of this month is all about love and the human body,” said dk Gallery owner Donna Krueger. “The artists can choose to paint if they would like to be featured in the show, and most times, the artists do.”

The bright white spotlights reflected off the art, and blotches of exposed red brick on the white walls created an open environment for potential buyers to move freely and study the artwork.

The walls displayed oil and acrylic paintings from Ron Irwin, figurative art from his wife, Holly Irwin, encaustic art from Helen DeRamus, equine art from Susan Easton Burns, abstract art from Gena Brodie Robbins, oil paintings from Ana Guzman, glass work from Lorraine Schinelli, work from artist Christie West and exposed canvas art from Juan Francisco Adaro, a new dk Gallery artist. Sculptures from Kevin Chambers and illustrations from Alberto Mier were sporadically placed throughout the gallery’s wooden floors.

Impressionist artist Jodie Hutchens said she likes to work with the human figure because it allows her to speak in a universal language: “I draw through life and I enjoy making art that has a personal connection to me, and in return, I hope when other people see it they also feel the personal connection I have to the piece.”

Even though dk Gallery artists were competing with each other for a sale, a sense of camaraderie filled the room. Many of the artists enjoyed studying others’ work and were interested in meeting each other.

“I really wanted to meet the Florida artist who made the paintings over there [extended canvas], they are beautiful,” said abstract figure artist Catie Radney.

Extended canvas paintings by Adaro. (Photo by Camille Moore)

The Florida artist, Juan Francisco Adaro, was not present at the opening. However, he had multiple artwork displayed toward the entrance of the gallery. Adaro’s extended paintings are made out of oil, gesso, acrylic, charcoal, wood and wooden wine box. His artwork was a favorite of the night.

“I think the artwork is nice but too conservative for my taste. It fits the crowd though,” said surrealist artist Carlos Solis. “But the paintings with the extended hats are the ones I like the most.”

Krueger opened the doors to dk Gallery in 2008 to showcase only original contemporary art. Since the opening, the gallery has received multiple mentions including being featured in The Atlantan magazine’s 2013 Art & Power issue. dk Gallery currently has 35 featured artists and has become a hot spot for art enthusiasts, tourists and frequent visitors of Marietta Square.

dk Gallery has regular visitors who attend the shows and enjoy the ambiance the gallery offers.

“I love attending the shows and am always fascinated by the artwork featured here,” said Diane Tidwell.“I have started to take Kevin Chambers sculpting class and I have my eye on one his pieces.”

The piece Tidwell is referring to is Chambers ‘The Offering.’ The bronze sculpture with steel and a wooden base is sculpted into an exposed woman with extended arms over her head holding a basket that is raised to the sky.


Kevin Chambers sculpture ‘The Offering’ is valued at $4,250. (Photo by Camille Moore)

‘Romance of the Nude and Figure’ is displayed until the end of March. The gallery is located at 25 West Park Square, Marietta, Georgia. To learn more about the gallery and the artists, visit or call (770) 427-5377.


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