John Kasich: A Kennesaw State University Town Hall


Ohio Gov. John Kasich paid a visit to Kennesaw State University, Tuesday for a town hall before the Super Tuesday presidential primaries.

Kasich has been trailing in the first few primaries, excluding New Hampshire where he placed second.


Gov. John Kasich hosts town hall at KSU prior to Super Tuesday primaries. (Photo by Thomas Hartwell)

Kasich began with a short speech, before opening up the floor to questions from the crowd. Members of the audience wasted no time getting down to business with the first question referring to Kasich’s lack of attack tactics on the other Republican candidates: How are you going to “stick it to” Trump and the others in the coming elections?

Kasich addressed the question in two parts, first addressing his preference for town hall meetings.

“The worst way we can pick a president is in these stupid debates,” said Kasich. “I believe [town halls are] the way for you to see somebody’s head and somebody’s heart.”

Then addressing the specific question: “In terms of sticking it to somebody, I ain’t gonna do that,” said Kasich. “It’s time to end all the negative campaigning and all the dirt in politics.”


An audience member asks Kasich how he’ll “stick it to” other candidates leading into  important primaries at KSU town hall. (Photo by Thomas Hartwell)

Kasich took the intimate setting as an opportunity to interact with individual audience members, addressing a few with, “Right, sir?” or, “What do you think?” throughout the meeting.

The Republican presidential candidate also took the opportunity to appeal to attendees’ pathos, giving several examples of family life and anecdotes of treatment for the drug-addicted and mentally ill in his state, Ohio, as well as telling the mass of KSU students to “live out their purpose” in life and referring to his own thoughts on his purpose as president.

“I don’t know if my purpose is to be president,” Kasich said. “My purpose is to be out here doing what I think I need to be doing, and we’ll see where it ends up.”


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