Recreation Center on Campus Offers Students a Variety of Exercise Classes


KENNESAW, Ga. — The new Dr. Betty Siegel Student Recreation and Activity Center at Kennesaw State University offers free group exercise classes to students.

Kennesaw State University recently remodeled the student recreation center on the Kennesaw campus. It re-opened in July of 2015. The new gym offers a variety of free things for students to enjoy. Exercise classes are one of the main things that the recreation center has recreated to benefit the students at the university.

Over 10 group exercise classes are offered at the new recreation center. They range from Zumba, Yoga, Guts and Butts, to cycling. The classes are designed to encourage students to have fun and be active.

“Exercise classes are a great social activity,” said Carolyn Kuzontkoski, fitness coordinator at the Kennesaw State recreation center. “Not only are you getting the great benefits of moving and being physically active, but you are also able to connect with some of your peers too, who have similar goals and similar ideas and enjoy similar things. It’s several fold, there are lots of different ways to benefit students.”

Fitness classes are created for all students at every level of expertise. There are plenty of classes that are beginner-friendly.

“The question of whether or not a class is appropriate for a beginner comes up a lot,” Kuzontkoski said. “My answer would be yes, unless the schedule specifically says it is for an advance class. We do not have any of those, so you can assume that it is inclusive. They are designed for people who do not have much experience in fitness classes, and can walk through those doors in a way that’s going to be meaningful for them.”

Students at Kennesaw State also have the opportunity to become fitness class instructors. Casey Black, a group fitness instructor at the gym, said it is not difficult to become a certified instructor. Any student could get certified and apply.

Since the new recreation center opened fitness classes have become a lot more popular.

“I know that before when we had Zumba classes at the old gym we would have maybe five people show up on a good day,” Black said. “But since then, it depends on the time the class is, but we have usually 30 people or more each class.”

Group exercise classes offer a way to help students to get involved. The classes encourage students to make new friends and be active in a fun, healthy way.

“There is a fitness soul mate out there for everyone,” Kuzontkoski said.

The Betty Siegel Student Recreation Center is always adding new things to help benefit students. The KSU gym promotes living a healthy active lifestyle to all patrons who walk through the doors.

“I think there is always more that we can do, and there is always new ways that we can reach the students in meaningful, efficient ways,” Kuzontkoski said. “There are a lot of possibilities, and we will be seeing a lot of more great things on the horizon. I say give the classes a try and see if you like it.”


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