The Inside Scoop on Night Owl Productions


KENNESAW, Ga. – Kennesaw State University’s Night Owl Productions currently employs KSU students while providing the opportunity to gain applicable skills in their field of interest.

Since 2012, Night Owl Productions has continued to offer paid job opportunities to Kennesaw State students who are seeking to gain experience in management and the production of sports, events, and entertainment.

According to the Night Owl Productions website, the experience gained from working with this student-led organization consists of hands-on training for the staff in sales and marketing, production, budget maintenance, event services and hospitality. It also gives students the opportunity to network and build relationships with industry contacts in similar fields of interest.

“I enjoy the opportunities to bridge what I have learned at KSU and Night Owl Productions with corporate businesses,” said KSU senior and social media coordinator Julianne Pham. “We are a huge venue; we host a wide variety of things like sports events, concerts, and festivals.

“Last year I got the opportunity to intern for the weekend at the World Series of Rugby because they were here. Night Owl Productions also recently held Georgia’s very first country music festival named Shaky Boots Festival.”

Night Owl Productions began after the building of Kennesaw State’s Sports and Entertainment Park located a mile from campus. According to the KSU Sports and Entertainment Park website, the land sits on 88 acres with the park hosting five different facilities. Each multi-purpose facility specializes in assorted events.

“We host the largest hot air balloon event in Georgia,” said Pham.

Recently the most popular events are the KSU football games.

“We are honored because we are the first people to work the football games. We set the football field up for the players and tear it down for them. We were there for the inaugural season,” said Jahada Jones, the box office lead.

The Night Owl environment is designed to be fun, yet professional.

“Everybody here is fun,” said Jones. “We are weird in our own way and it helps us click together because we are all different people, but all just alike.

“Night Owl Productions opens doors for a lot of people and some days we get calls from other stadiums to work their events. I got a call from Georgia Tech to work at the Bobby Dodd stadium for The Rolling Stones’ last concert.”

Night Owl Productions does not require any prior experience to apply and they are always accepting applications. There are opportunities for advancement once a semester of being a “crew member” has been completed.

Upon graduation,the alumni is allowed a six-month grace period to continue working with the company while they search for a job.

Pham provided some advice to all future Night Owl Productions applicants.

“Don’t be nervous. Night Owl Productions gives you more responsibility than you would get at a big name venue so when you come in, be confident in knowing you are going to be OK.”


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