Full-Time Student Balances School, Social Life, and Owning a Business


ATLANTA ­– Owning a business, going to school full-time, traveling across the United States for work and managing relationships might seem like too much for one person to handle, but Blaine Martin has it covered.

Martin is part-owner and director of operations for Clear Communications & Video. He has been with the company for almost three years.

Clear Communications is a telecommunications company that began in 1996. The company provides digital installation services, but has a main focus on cellular enhancement in commercial buildings across the country. The company has clients all over the country.

“In the last five days I’ve been to eight different cities in Michigan and within the next 10 days I will be headed to Connecticut, New York and Virginia,” said Martin.

In addition to being an owner of the company, Martin is a full-time student at Lanier Technical College. He will be graduating in the spring of 2016 with a networking specialist degree.

Due to his position of leadership in the company, Martin cannot miss any of the days that the company has to travel.

“I have to plan the company schedule around my classes,” Martin said. “We aim to travel on the weekend’s majority of the time but if somehow we can’t make that happen, I work with my professors ahead of time. There usually isn’t a big issue.”

Martin says he spends a lot of his travel time doing school work. After he graduates, Martin plans to continue with the company. He plans to bring the knowledge and skill from his networking degree into the company to expand their services further.

Even though Martin manages to balance everything, he says it can still be stressful at times.

“It can get really hard sometimes,” he said. “Balancing work, traveling, school, friendships and having a girlfriend can be very difficult for my stress levels, but I just try to take it day by day and I’ve got really great, understanding people in my life. I wouldn’t change anything.”

Chief Executive Officer and founder of Clear Communications, Rob Neidlinger, is proud to have Martin on his team.

“Blaine does it all for the company, he really helps make the wheels turn,” Neidlinger said. “His time management is impeccable, he has his priorities straight and he is definitely going in the right direction. I know he has a great future ahead of him.”

“I enjoy what I do and I’m really excited to see where this busy, exciting life takes me,” said Martin.


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